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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 11: Test of Courage

Update 10 - Test of Courage

Since the boy's version of chapter 4 involves infiltrating the girls' dorm, the girl gets her own version of chapter 4.

BGM: Title

: Oh! I'm sorry. Let me introduce myself. I'm Julia from next door. I'm an all-American girl!
: I thought of that, but let's put it this way: if you're stuck in the boys' dorm, you probably can't afford to eat, much less travel.
: Still... Daichi and Haru live in the boys' dorm too, right?
: Yeah... Lara, looks like we're going to have to go and see them. Coming?
: Sigh... What a pain. The boys' dorm is the LAST place I wanted to spend my summer holiday.

Off to the boys' dorm. Unlike the girls' dorm, no sneaking in is necessary.

BGM: School 1

: We have no idea what happened to them. So because of all this, everyone got scared and ended up staying outside the dorm...
: I'm not scared at all, of course. But Haru was sobbing and begging me, so--

There's some boys roaming around in and out of the dorms.

I didn't check in here earlier, but there's a tiny dorm in the middle of the field.

He won't be seen again until later, but Miwasaka appeared alongside Beatrice in the novel "First Love of Hourai High!"


To get to the haunted dorm in question, we have to travel through two other dorms. Who did they hire to design this place?

: You'll definitely need it to fight non-corporeal ghosts and demons!

Things sound like they're going to get spooky.

This passage (always blocked when playing as a boy) leads to another dorm outside.

: Uh... Who are you?
: My name's Isaac. I came here from the States for my girlfriend Julia! Oh, and might I add that I was drafted for the Major League?
: Anyway, in exchange for helping you investigate the boys' dorm... Can you take me to the girls' dorm afterwards? Security's so tight there, I can't see Julia at all!

You joined once, might as well join again.

: Well, alright then. We'll be counting on you!
: Oh, thank you! Now I can finally see Julia...

Why wait? You can just go see her right now.

Er, Julia? Need some glasses? He's right here. No sequence-breaking for us.

Well, we needed to come back here anyway for one of Hourai's 7 Mysteries. Once Isaac joins your party, all of the floors in the girls' dorm open up.

The patrolling officers on the 30th floor are gone, but you can still run into enemies.

Since we're playing as a girl (and I guess boys can enter the girls' restroom with permission), we can check out the rumored toilet stall on this floor.

Like the house in Newtown, the entrance to the stall is through the wall. The Cinderella Shoes give a huge boost in defense for this part of the game.

That's all there is here, so back to the boys' dorm.

BGM: Dungeon

He's not kidding - the entire floor has been cleared out. C'mon guys, they're missing, not dead.

This dungeon is a puzzle based on some very easy guidelines. If both bathroom doors are closed, you go up. If both doors are open, you go down.

If the right door is open, you go right. If the left door is open, you go left. It's pretty simple, but you might go wandering around if you don't know the pattern.

Like the student mentioned, there's some haunted monsters lurking about. The Gargoyle can pack a mean punch, while his red variant (not pictured) can do even more damage. The Cursed Bookcase isn't too much of a problem.

There are Bullies wandering around, as well as Spooky Students. Spooky Students are a pain because they can only be damaged by the Tarot Cards that the boy gave you - any other weapon will do 0 damage.

: I can hear the terrible, ghostly voice of a girl from the other direction... Please, let me out of here!

: B-but... I was so wound up because everyone called me cold and gloomy... I... couldn't move on to the afterlife. I... I've been wandering ever since.
: Some... Something drew me to this place, which is how I ended up here.

: Y-Yes...
: I know! Why don't you join us?
: Thank... Thank you... *sniff*

: So what? Come on! We're going to find the root of all this evil!

Daichi could really stand to learn something from Hinako. Dead, alive, it doesn't matter - we can still all be friends!

After heading through a few more rooms, I go through the final door.

Well, this looks pretty suspect.

The room rumbles and lights flash before...

Plunger Demon AKA Devil can potentially be annoying. He can use Shield to raise his defense which is already pretty high when it comes to physical attacks. Both the Tarot Card as well as Hinako's magic (pictured above) are good ways to take this blue menace down.

A-All's well that ends well?

: So I decided to use magic to summon a sylph and have it send me home. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in the incantations and summoned a demon...

: But now we know all the missing students are safe. Isn't that the important thing?
: Safe? They've been sent off to places like the Himalayas, the Amazon... How are they gonna get back?!

The two embrace and twirl each other around while hearts pop out all around them.

: Uh... Nice to meet you.

But in the meantime, a new plot within the school was being newly hatched...


A string of disappearances rocked the boys' dorm this month as the boys suffered in the summer heat, cooped up in the dorm and unable to go home for the summer.

The culprit is believed to be a devil-man summoned by a Grimoire Club member attempting to return home for the summer using magic.

Voices all over the boys' dorm are raising criticism about the Grimoire Club's propensity to use magic for really dumb purposes.