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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

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Part 13: Group date

Update 12 - Group date

Alright, alright, I'm up.

Time to head out. Since I donated to the Committee Center, the train tracks to Uchina have been repaired and are ready for use. I won't be using them for now since I have nothing to do on campus.

My destination is to the north and through the cave to Sute Village.

BGM: Dungeon

This cave introduces lava floors, which work the same as the lasers from the girls' dorm.

There's only two new enemies waiting in ambush, the Savage Spider and the Cacklebat. The Savage Spider can cause Sick, but that's not too much of a problem with our nurse Julia around.

Once we're out of the cave, there's one place to visit on our way to Sute.

The last skill grants immunity to all ailments for the user. I toss it on our resident healer, Julia.

With that out of the way...

The village may change, but the chickens stay as vicious as ever.

Despite its run-down appearance, there's still a few people lurking about.

I'll teach you something: location, location, location.

That goes for you too, healing woman hidden behind the wall.

Up at the top of the village we find who we came looking for.

: Nonsense! We're merely here for the summer school--
: Shut up! We already know what's going on! Now, spill!
: Looks like it's time for a strategic retreat. Get your skates on, chaps!

Didn't get very far, did you? Maybe you should join some kind of athletic club instead?

: Fine, then. If it's a fight you want, then a fight you shall have!

Despite all his boasting, Great Leader is a big pushover. He doesn't even have a special move. What a poseur!

Whoops, didn't mean to send him flying.

: Sigh... This is all just a misunderstanding...

: And a permit from the Public Safety Committee to boot...
: What?!
: Daichi! Way to jump the gun!

: Great Leader! A strange stairway appeared where I put down a flower vase!

: That's it... I thought I'd heard a strange sound. So there was a secret underground passage after all!
: You're so smart, Great Leader! I knew it wasn't really a ghost that had come to criticise my interior decorating!

Do...Do you guys live here?

: Mm... Makes sense as far as plot progression goes.
: Shut up, Daichi. We're going in!

Yes, ma'am!

As we head further in, we go from cave to sewer. The symbol adorning the wall is the same symbol from when Hinako was kidnapped.

And look who else has returned! The Mystery Man is now joined by the Creepy Women, who can drain our GP.

Two more creatures stalk the sewers - the Vampire Eel and the Robocrab. Robocrabs pack a mean punch while Vampire Eels can drain our HP for themselves.

: Don't even go there. You'll just find nothing and then you'll be sad, and then I'll be sad that you're sad.

Okay, but I'm still gonna steal all the junk you have lying around.

We continue to travel the sewers...

Until we make it to back to land.

Luckily for me this shrine doesn't have any dumb rumors.

: Another failure. I must find the next Regulation as soon as possible!
: And to think I went through all the trouble of hypnotising the Student Council for this, too...

: Wait just a minute! I'm sure I've heard that voice somewhere before...
: Yeah! It's the person I heard when we got the scoop on the Jungle Joust story at the Student Council meeting!

: Oh no! RUN!

Daichi, why do you always have to be ruining everything?

: Deceiving the student council, stealing prayer books -- just what are you up to?
: You know that much, do you? Fine, then, let me tell you. Hourai High these days is falling into disrepute.
: Rampant skiving, part-time work, nighttime antics, improper relations between students -- all on the rise!

: They? Them? With a big T? You mean that secret society, don't you? Just who are they?
: You don't need to know! I'll hypnotise you like I did the Student Council... And transform you into good students, observant of all the school's regulations!

BGM: Boss Battle

Unlike Great Leader, Rachel can actually be somewhat of a threat. Alongside a powerful physical move, Rachel can also cause Pheromone and Sleep. If you're unlucky, you can easily end up with an incapacitated team on your hands.

: You could have studied, and become fine, upstanding citizens...

: Yeah!

: Right, let's head back to Uchina now and return the prayer book!

Alright, back through the cave for us.

> Hinako, sexily

: Well, yeah. I doubt they can see her face from here!

> Haru, scientifically

: Someone's been watching too much X-Files!

Daichi, please-

: Damn it! Those cold-hearted--
: Are you kidding me? Anyone would run away from that display!
: We can get back through the tunnel...right?!

The Adventures of Hourai High: Daichi's Lament.

: Oh! It really is the prayer book! Oh, thank the gods! Let us start the Star Festival right away!
: Spend some time in the village first, then come and see me again. I'll guide you through the Star Festival.

Oh jeez, I wasn't prepared for a dating sim. Okay then...

> Hinako

: Let's split up here. Be good to each other!
: Let's go!

Wait, wait, no.

> Julia

: Yeah, and that Hinako's always really grumpy.
: Let's split up here. Be good to each other!
: Alright! Let's go!

Meanwhile, in an alternate timeline...

> Daichi

: Lara, are you SERIOUS? Huh. Suit yourself.
: Let's split up here. Have a good time, you two!
: Alright! We're gonna have a good time tonight!

I'm regretting this choice immensely. Let's try again.

> Haru

: Wipe that goofy smile off your face!
: Let's split up here. Have a good time, you two!
: Er, well... Let's go, OK?

And who's behind door number three?

> Isaac

: Let's split up here. Have a good time, you two!
: OK! Lara, I'll be your escort!

Alright, that's enough time-hopping for one day. Back to Leroy and friends.

: I'm helping out here because they didn't have enough girls who could perform as shrine maidens for the festival.

Sorry, already taken.

There's also a familiar face resting at the inn.

: That's why I can't miss it for the world. Gwahahaha!

And now for the main draw of the Star Festival.

: This is my first time on the island. It's not a bad place!

Time for more minigames!

Nah, I've got this.

The aim of this game is to knock the sleeping creatures down to earn points. You get 5 chances, and the points go up with the difficulty of the creature - pig to squid to octopus. If you hit one when it's awake then it will just knock the bullet away, and if you get it right when it's waking up then you'll stun it. The easiest way to get points is to knock four of a creature down then wait for the fifth one to come around on the other side, where it will have transformed into a golden creature that's worth more points.

I'm not the greatest at this game and can never knock down any octopi, so I'm stuck getting points with the squids. Now, onto the festival.

But just what was the "Regulation" that Rachel was looking for? And just who are "They"? One mystery is solved, only to reveal yet more mysteries behind it. Meanwhile, night falls on the day of the Star Festival...


Rachel appeared to be searching for something in Uchina and Sute villages amid the festivities of the Star Festival. It's believed that she was responsible for the recently-enacted Mind and Body Rule, Curfew Rule and other changes to the school legislature.

With her arrest, the truth behind her motives and other questions that have yet to be answered is hoped to be revealed soon.