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Part 15: Sleepover

Update 14 - Sleepover

A quick update to wrap up the chapter! Leroy and company had just arrived at the jungle village that Mitsurin lives in.

BGM: School 1

: What a relief! Let's go back and tell everyone right away!
: Wait - let's investigate a bit more first and see what we can find out.
: Good idea.

I mean, we could send one person back as a messenger or throw up a smoke signal or something... I guess we could just leave 'em on the beach.

There's a certain building we need to get to, but let's check out the local villagers first.

: The same thing happened to us five years ago! We taught the islanders here how to read and write.

Just doing my duty. I know that everybody would save a young boy from a raging elephant.

Tell me about it, bub.

Unlike Uchina, these chickens seem to be a bit less bloodthirsty and evil.

: But there might be precious, ancient cultural relics inside there!
: Principal! What's going on?
: There's a giant ancient ruin to the northwest of this village. I was asking if I could investigate it...
: But he's flat out refusing!

: Er, Principal... Don't you think we should be focusing on finding the students instead of poking about ruins?
: ...I suppose so. Alright, let's go. Well then, excuse me for now.

: Yeah, but she seems kind of different from normal... She didn't seem herself.
: So, you must have come on your "aero plane" and got swept up on this island.

: Please, could you find it in yourself to give them somewhere to rest?
: You must have come a long way. The room next door is the village's meeting place. You can rest there.
: Thank you! Come along, class.

The toilets? Oh, the room to the far-right.

There they found kind villagers, as well as Principal Ayame, who had become separated from the group in the crash. But will Leroy ever be able to return to Hourai High safely?