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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 16: Archaeology 101

Update 15 - Archaeology 101

Stay classy, Daichi.

Good morning, world!

Good morning, chicken!

Bad morning, village!

: Strange lady from yesterday! Entered ruins! Ruins!

: It's gotta be the Principal!
: Ugh, that woman... Just what is she playing at?
: Ms Adachi! Let's follow her into the ruins! We've got to get her out of there.
: Yes... You're right. We've got to find her before we do anything else.

That's good to hear.

Before we descend into the cursed ruins, let's stop by and check on the students at the beach.

The starfish rushes towards us.



If you'd back up a bit, please.

: I am Starfish Ron, of the planet Starfish. I promise to repay this favour one day...
: Until we meet again!

Ron takes one longing glance back in our direction before running off into the ocean.

: Was it a starfish that mutated in an accident and became sentient?

Welp, time to get as far away from that creature as possible. Into the ruins we go!

BGM: Jungle Ruins

Really feeling the decor in here.

First skulls and now coffins... This game's got a morbid way of getting items. I suppose looting corpses is the next logical step.

We do have some nice recolors here to keep us company. Stone Gargoyles can try to squash us underfoot, while Golden Bats suck up our GP and Sly Spiders can try to paralyze us.

What is this, an adventure game? I don't need an inventory full of "handy" stuff here, Haru.

Most of the dungeon will be spent attempting to locate switches to press to advance. I guess the ruin's curse is so powerful that it manifested switches and locked doors to protect what's inside.

Going down.

Okay, so maybe that toolbox actually will come in handy. Getting there might take some work, though.

One good thing about the ruins is that there's no having to pay to restore HP and GP, so it's a nice grinding spot. (Also if the ruins are cursed why are there so many people down here?)

Once again, why are you here and how did you get in here?

What we want is this little switch hiding in the corner, which will open up the door in the middle of the room.

This allows us to get to the partially-obscured staircase in the bottom right corner.

Sign me up.

Alright, back up we go. The door at the top left of the room was locked...

But not for long.

And as anybody would, we immediately start jumping down holes.

One quick stop to unlock a door and we're onto our destination.

: It looks like some kind of machine.
: Hold on a second... It's some kind of robot! It's in really bad shape, though.

: Ha! I knew those tools would come in handy!

After a few moments of tinkering...

: You did it! It's working!
: Hey, this thing might be pretty helpful.

With another new member, our party's grown even stronger! Next update we'll explore more of the ruins.