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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

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Part 20: Can I See Your Hallpass?

Update 19 - Can I See Your Hallpass?

As the two begin to walk off, Leroy falls to his knees at the agony of a full bladder.

: Only one thing we can do, then! Let's split up and find a free toilet separately!

Because of the new rule, Hourai's bathrooms are now flooded with people who had the smart idea to hold it in until they couldn't take it...just like every other student. There's a single bathroom that's been left unoccupied in the school, and our goal is to find it.

It is good to know that privacy isn't too much of a concern, since you can go up and just open whatever stall you want. You think we could share the toilet, Pengoon?

Oh, no problem. I guess that's a no to sharing, though.

Since we're nearby, we might as well check out the newest movie in the projection room.

Starfish Ron: A Love Story

The only free toilet on campus is located out in Suzuna Lake at the Musketeer's base.

: I have some information on the secret society you're looking into. If you're interested, come to the VIP toilets at the Committee Centre. I'll be waiting!

That's one way to get ahold of somebody.

It's even funnier/creepier in the girl's version. After Lara finds an open stall in the Assembly Hall...

She's accosted outside the bathroom. 'Scuse you indeed, Miwasaka.

: Of all the places to pick...
: Let's just go.
: Yeah...
: Oh, where's Daichi?
: He must be stuck in one of those huge queues for the toilets...

: S-sorry to keep you waiting.
: So you found somewhere? What a relief.
: Er... Er, yeah, I found a good place... A-anyway, let's get out of here ASAP.
: We're going to go to the VIP toilet at the Committee Centre. It looks like we can find out something about the secret society there. Don't ask.

: Um... It's not what it looks like...

It's good to see that the rest of the group holds Daichi in about the same regard as I do. Before we get to the VIP toilets, there's two phone numbers to collect.

: We do not ally ourselves with ze Student Council or other groups so zat we can maintain our neutralité. As a result, our organisation is unrecognised by ze Student Council...
: Do you understand, messieurs? If you discover any villainous cads disturbing ze paix, inform us at once.

We also need to grab the number of the head of the other biggest group on campus, the Patrol Squad.

: I'm Kontou of the Patrol Squad. We battle day and night for peace in our school. Contact me if you find yourself in a spot of bother.

With that taken care of, we can make this chapter's calls.

: Wow! Leroy! I still can't believe you managed to crush that huge robot!
: Looks like we sent that tub of lard Shin to the hospital! And get this - the nurses can't keep up with his demands for hospital food!
: Grr... Do they seriously think stopping people from using the toilet is going to improve their stamina?!
: Sniff... A school festival? ...Sounds fun...
: I see... So aside from Rachel, Class Representative Shin was in on the whole thing too? I really can't believe it. I'm worried that your opponent might be even bigger than we thought. Be careful...
: Mitsurin... Mitsurin want to visit old school sometime.
: Hmm... So Shin was that secret society's pawn in the end? You never can tell with some people...
: ...Let's see what you've got!
: Zere are 'uge crowds pour les toilettes? What a shameful t'ing to 'ave occur on our watch!
: Where'd that Roku got off to? I was doing a junk sale with him at the school festival. That sneaky kid... He must have heard about some big business opportunity!

Alright, Hospo is now on the scene.

The Committee Centre has beefed up their security with some recolors. Safety Sergeants, Safety She-Devils, and Patrol Squad Leaders now protect the halls.

VIP toilets time! This is actually pretty exciting.

: Maybe they're in the ladies'?

That's slightly suspicious, but hey, I'm a trusting guy. Maybe the ladies' room has a nice place for us and Miwasaka to sit and chat.

But then again, since when was being trusting a good idea in a video game? You trust people and bam! You get surrounded by crazy dudes in robes in the bathroom.

Pfft. Nice outfit, dork.

: Oh, spare me. You're the ones who abandoned me after I got injured. I'm just returning the favour. Take them!
: Argh!

: This is the work of a secret organisation. They're called the Subterra Society, and they're plotting to take over the school.

In the original Japanese, the name of the organization is Kouzan Nostra, an obvious play on Cosa Nostra. However, "kouzan" also means mine (as in a mineshaft) and the organization's symbol is a shovel, so it's a slightly untranslatable pun.

: What?! The Subterra Society?! Ooh, I don't like the sound of that.
: Quiet, you. Pay attention. They've been making a network of secret paths using the school toilets so that they can move around freely. They're searching for something.
: I managed to stop them, but I got caught in their trap... And on top of that, I managed to get stuck with HIM.

: You're the one who jumped the gun just to show everyone what a good little girl you are. I think you're being rather quick to judge, wouldn't you say? No wonder they call you Bad Luck Betty.

: Yes, that's right.
: Splendid! Subterra are none other than the first target of the Twilight Penguins! Those unpleasant rotters are attempting to usurp our dreams of conquering the school.
: I snuck into their secret base here to make a formal protest...only to end up getting captured on my way to see those responsible.
: Wh-what? Are you crazy?!
: And what's more, I'm rather disappointed at the treatment I've been given.

: We've got to make Subterra pay for what they're doing to Hourai. Any enemy of theirs is our friend!
: You can't be serious!
: You've made the smart choice. It's very reassuring. Now that we've got a team going, let's see about getting out of this pit, eh?
: Kamifukuoka... Er, I mean, "Great Leader." How are we supposed to do that?
: Simple! This lock's no match for me.

: Oh, my dear Miss Beatrice! I didn't say anything because if I did and escape from here with you, you'd only just turn me straight into the Public Safety Committee.
: Grr...

: Let's not waste any more time here. Since you let the leader of the Penguins go, don't expect any help from me. What you do from now on is up to you.

A bunch of high-school students and a guy in a penguin suit... I'm sure we'll be able to stop an evil organization.