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Part 21: Anti-Bullying Program

Update 20 - Anti-Bullying Program

Last time we were captured by Roku and teamed up with the Great Leader of the Twilight Penguins.

Kamifukuoka quickly slips out of his penguin suit to join us.

Well, I guess you can't wear that penguin suit all day...right?

I can't show off his Friend Skill quite yet, as there's nowhere for me to raise his Friend Level. However, it's actually a new one, unlike Chihaya and D-51's. He starts out in the Anime club and is the only character so far (other than Leroy and Lara) who has all four club types open to him.

Speaking of Chihaya...she's actually Kamifukuoka's special person. The feeling is not mutual, though. Good luck, buddy.

Welp, time to finally bust out of this place.

Oh boy, another sewer dungeon. It's not the worst sewer dungeon I've ever been in, but still, it's a sewer dungeon.

There's some new enemies to fight. Mystery Man has evolved in Hooded Subterraist and he is joined by Dark Chicken (maybe the same one from Uchina?). There's also the Underworld Fiend, looking very good with his plunger.

Like any good villainous group, Subterra loves just leaving macabre imagery lying around. Why a skull? Why is it here? So many questions unanswered.

Oh, that was quick.

: What?! Really?
: Yes, sir! It was in the Sudent Council President's desk! No doubt about it!
: Now that I've got the Pencil, dealing with them can wait... Now everything I want is in the palm of my hand. AHAHAHAHA!

If we head around to where Roku just was, we can see that he left behind a perfectly good Second Button. What a monster (it's a next-to-useless battle item, but it's still a waste to leave it behind).

After wandering around a bit more, we finally make it back to school grounds.

We promptly run right into Roku.

: Roku! Why do you keep trying to stop us?!
: I've never liked Leroy. Not since that kid transferred in. Not only did Leroy give me an injury so bad that I was laid up for a month...
: The conniving jerk even stole Hospo from me. MY Hospo. The Hospo everyone loves.

Well, I did kinda do that...But it was an accident. I'm sorry, okay?

: Shut up! I HATE Leroy. I don't care what happens to the school!

The rest of Hospo comes to Leroy's side to prepare for battle.

Yes, Roku does indeed seem to be flipping us off. Very rude. Despite his big talk, Roku doesn't have much to offer in battle. He can throw dynamite at us for some damage and can inflict Shy, but he moves slow and isn't really a threat. But, like a true jerk, he only gives us a measly 1 EXP and 1G.

: Ack! You...!

Roku breaks into a sprint and we give chase.

Luckily he slams straight into Miwasaka. Nice timing!

: Besides, I'd have trouble sleeping at night if you suffered because of me. Call this a favour. Now let's get out of here!

Actually...where were you? You asked us to come to the VIP toilets, but then you weren't there. If you got kidnapped, then why weren't you in the cage? Did somebody impersonate you to get us? Were you just screwing around while we were getting kidnapped?

I guess as long as it all ends well, it's fine.


The secret group is plotting to control the school, even going as far to use Rachel and Roku to achieve their ambitions. But what is their ultimate goal? Once again, the light of truth is again clouded by mystery. Eventually, December and Christmas came to Utsuho Island...


Hospo reporters have uncovered the name of the organisation that's making life a misery for all Hourai students: The Subterra Society! Sadly, concrete details about the group attempting to control the school by manipulating school regulations remain unknown. The Subterra Society and its intentions remain shrouded in mystery.

Additionally, the Twilight Penguins released a firm rebuke, indicating their opposition to Subterra's plans. "The Twilight Penguins have already earmarked Utsuho Island for conquest. We were here first, so you can bloody well clear off!"