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Part 25: Quiet in the Library

Update 24 - Quiet in the Library

After taking care of Naga, we're off to go find Principal Ayame.

Well, not without stopping off at the biology department first.

: He must be off sulking somewhere because we didn't give him his favourite cat food... Oh, Cattus, come back! I'm so sorry!

: Now cluck off!

Subterra should recruit this guy, he's ten times scarier than any member I've run into so far.

Mew to you too, sir.

As seen previously in the award-winning film "Starfish Ron: A Love Story," Starfish Romy chills down here in the biology department and will be joined by Starfish Ron when he's not in the party.

For now, it's onto the archaeology department. Like the literature department, there's a plethora of tidbits to read.

A celebrated archaeologist.
Gave speeches about his research into the myths of Utsuho after the war. Still studying myths and legends from a variety of areas to this day. One of the most respected professors at the school."

Founder of the Hourai Preparatory School, predecessor to Hourai High. Said to have adventured not only over all of Japan, but also as far as Tibet. Passed in 1868 aged 101."

74th Student Council President. Known for her charming, round eyes. Though she has yet to produce any new policies, the students trust her deeply. Previous year's Miss Hourai."

A forest in the southeast of the school. Musketeer territory."

Though previously a giant forest covering much of the island up to about 100 years ago, much has been cut down due to development of the school. Fueno Forest marks the west of the school, Suzuna Forest the east. The legendary Valentine Circle is said to be found here."

An uninhabited island to the west of Utsuho. The traditional summer Star Festival is held here."

There's only two new enemies wandering around the department - Demons and Subterra Battle-axes. Both are recolors, but Demons can cause Pheromone and Subterra Battle-axes can take away GP.

Nowhere else to go but in.

: Good thing we found it first!

Just what this RPG was missing: evil old wizard dude.

Let me fix that: evil old teleporting wizard dude.

Even more old dudes enter the fray.

: Wh-who are you?! You cowardly monster!
: Ha. If you say so. I am Jom-Ra -- the head officer of the Subterra Society!

With a flourish, Jom-Ra teleports in and yanks the tablet from Leroy's hands.

: Yes, Naga. Now put an end to these fools!

Joma-Ra out!

Oh, c'mon Naga, even that's too much. You might be part of an evil organization, but that doesn't mean you can go around throwing old men into walls.

Though he's still a pushover, Naga does have more tricks up his sleeves than most bosses do. He can summon fire spirits to attack the entire party and he can also inflict Selfish. Still not enough to beat us, though.

: Huh. I thought you'd be a bit more grateful considering we just saved you from a nasty doom.

: When they do, they'll be able to control the entire school with their power! I'd have gladly given my life to stop them... The only thing we can do now is search for the Three Items!
: What three items?
: Oh, don't you know anything?! Listen!

Daichi continues to be the butt of the biggest joke of all - his life.

: Quiet, boy! Now, I'm sure it was on top of this shelf... Ah! Found it!

: The ancient record says: "...The Evil Regulations had a terrible power, power enough to rule the entire school. There was nothing we could do. The school seemed fated for a shroud of darkness and suffering."
: "Yet, with the three legendary items said to have once been used by Hourai alumni... The Famous Sayings of Hokita, the Hundred-Year Pencil and the Student ID of the Ancients... We somehow managed to overcome the terrible threat posed by the Evil Regulations."
: So we need those three items to destroy the Evil Regulations...
: That's right! But we don't have much time...

: Yeah... That old pencil Roku had, maybe that was the 100-Year Pencil?
: What?! You've already found the 100-Year Pencil?!
: Then that means... The Sayings of Hokita must be that book the Principal found on the field trip!
: What?! The Principal has the second item?!
: No, we have it now.
: Oh, magnificent! What wonderful news! If the Principal had it...
: What about the Principal?

: Could she be...?
: No way... Even the Principal's on their side?
: But... Remember how she tricked us, too?

: Well, we can't worry about her now. We've got to concentrate on getting all three of the Three Items. We already have The Famous Sayings of Hokita and the 100-Year Pencil... All that's left is to find the Student ID of the Ancients.
: Do you know where we can find it?
: Of course! I'm not senile yet, you know!

: Glad we're agreed! I'll take the liberty of joining you, then!

Together, they set out to find the Student ID of the Ancients. With the appearance of Naga and the ringleader, Jom-Ra, the Subterra Society was finally beginning to reveal itself. But what of the Evil Regulations? And is Principal Ayame really a traitor?

REVEALED: The truth about the school rules introduced by the Subterra Society!

An investigation by the Hospo team has revealed that the rules being introduced by Subterra were once known as the Evil Regulations, sealed away long ago. There is a total of seven of these rules, and it is believed that Subterra plans to use them to usurp the school.

The incident that took place in the research department in the new year is believed to be an attempt to take advantage of the limitations on movement brought about by the new Three-Shift Rule, in order to steal the material for the last Evil Regulation from the eminent historian Professor Daiouji.

Additionally, Hospo is now investigating any links between the Subterra Society and Principal Ayame, who went missing around the time of the incident.