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Part 26: Mountain Climbing Excursion

Update 25 - Mountain Climbing Excursion

: I knew it... She really was a spy for Subterra.
: ...She does disappear from time to time. Maybe she'll just appear out of nowhere again like she always does?
: I hope so...
: There's no time for moping around! Let's get a move on!

: Mount Amatsu! According to these texts, the Student ID of the Ancients is sealed within an old factory in the jungle at the foot of Mount Amatsu.
: Wow! Nice work, Professor!
: Now, enough lollygagging! We must go to Mount Amatsu at once!

Alright professor, calm down a second. We have some stuff to take care of before heading to Amatsu.

First we need to stop by the inn at the research department. The inn is actually comprised of the inn, the stores, and the storage room.

Gotta get some cat food, 'cause you never know when you'll run into a hungry cat.

While we're here, we may as well call everybody up.

: Ooh, that no-good principal! Just who does she think she is? Actually, just who IS she?
: So Japanese Valentine's is all about eating chocolate and tender moments, huh? Me, I took Julia to Fueno Forest, then...
: I still can't believe the Principal was working with Subterra all this time...
: I... I want to... Sniff... I want to be someone's Valentine too...
: Never mind Ayame - you've got to check out that old factory by Mount Amatsu!
: Hmm... So the key to conquering Utsuho is at the base of Mount Amatsu, is it? Intriguing.
: Mitsurin know. Big cat! Seen in jungle far away. Far away!
: The animals of this planet are in constant battle. It is a sad thing. Heh! Get it? That was funny. It sounded silly because I'm of a superior alien race. I order you to chuckle sardonically.
: I want to give someone special a Valentine's card... Too bad I've got my position as Miss Hourai to think about. Every year, it costs me 100,000 G just to get cards for the whole school...
: Every year I end up with a mountain of Valentine's cards. Ah... Unfortunately, it seems that not many cards came in this year... I suppose it must be down to all that's been going on lately.
: Oi! What are you playing at?! You've got to go and find the last of the Evil Regulations, post-haste!
: Still... I never would have expected Subterra to be so powerful. Even the Public Safety Committee's throwing all their resources into chasing them down. You should try to stay out of their way and help them if you can!
: It's nearly Valentine's Day, isn't it? I heard there's a place in Fueno Forest where your love wishes come true. I wonder if it's real?
: ...What?! It was Subterra who kidnapped Principal Ayame?! How dare they! We, the Patrol Squad, will bring them to justice!
: Quoi?! Ze Principal was kidnapped by Subterra?! We shall be looking into zis, mes amis!
: What?! Really? We've got to go to Mount Amatsu immediately!
: Hmph... So that's what happened at the Research Department. Right! I'll get my wares together and head out to do some business!

The next order of business is located within Fueno Forest.

There's a few new enemies roaming around here, with a real orange theme going on. Vicious Hooters and Noble Musketeers aren't anything special, and Giant Shrooms can cause Sick.

And bringing in a music reference is the White Snake enemy.

Since Professor Daiouji just joined us, let's check out his Friend Skill. It's super boring, because it's the exact same as Haru's down to the name. Disappointing.

: What?! You mean that legendary circle where you stand in the middle, think of the one you love, and it guarantees you'll be together forever?!
: That's right. I can't believe it's real!

Both Leroy and Lara get chocolate from Mutsumi at the Valentine Circle. They both just radiate charisma, so I guess Mutsumi can't resist either of them.

One last thing before we head to Mount Amatsu. There's a new film in the projection room, and Lara gets to watch it because she didn't pick up any extra characters except Misato. This film shows off "missing people," including characters you haven't gotten.


Alright, onto Amatsu we go. Since the train line to it has been fixed, we can just head straight there.

BGM: Subterra Society

Mount Amatsu... is kinda a boring dungeon. It's big, sometimes I get lost, and it's mostly just a bunch of purple caves.

More shrooms and more music references with Utsuho Shrooms and Bee-Bee Kings. Also joining the shrooms are Mountain Mandrills.

There's also some pests around, with Utsuho Dragonflies and Man-Eating Dragonflies.

I know you all love caves as much as I do.

The gimmick of this dungeon are the pitfall rooms. If you look closely, you can see parts of the floor look different and will drop you to the floor below if you step on them.

There's even more enemies to find inside the caves, including Dark Sunflowers, Rocketsauruses, and Deadly Spiders.

As well as Armoured Whales.

If you make it to the top of the mountain, you can gaze out over Utsuho's forests. Nothing but trees out there.

After wading through water on the lowest level, we finally make it out of Amatsu.

And go right back into dungeons.

We run into Elephriends (who are not my elefriends) and Ur-Mandrills.

As well as Giant Cats.

Speaking of giant cats.

With that, we've now gotten every party member in the game. Nothing like a party with a giant cat, alien starfish, ghost, and robot.

: Yes, this is the place.

I see the Public Safety Committee has expanded into acrobatics now.

: I was a fool. I should have known they would be after the resonator stones... We can't hang around here. Enough lollygagging! We've got to go!
: This is getting to be a pain in the neck...

The sign above the door that Daiouji was referring to reads "Amatsu Resonator Stone Factory" backwards.

The room begins to flash...

Until the two disappear in the light.

: They broke the theal which the Thtudent ID of the Anthienth had plathed upon it!
: What?!

Oh, hello there.

The robed man switches on the conveyor belt.

Please Naga, your lisp is too annoying for you to be a good reoccurring villain.

Naga's underling snatches the ID before anybody else can grab it.

: It'th time for me to put you in your plathe... My honour dependth on it!

Naga may be elite, but he isn't creative because this battle is exactly the same as the one from last chapter. Done and done.

Sorry and bye-bye! That's the last we'll see of Naga.

We still have to worry about getting that ID, though.

: Bah! I eat underlings like you for breakfast, and then I use their bosses for toothpicks!

: And you, you're just the same! Aren't you embarrassed to let them push you around?!

Beatrice storms up to Leroy and pushes an item into his hands.

: Yes... It's the Student ID of the Ancients. I'll entrust it to you for now. You must stop Subterra's evil plot!

: W-wait... Just hang on a minute. We still don't know what we're supposed to do...
: Subterra is going to try and bring back the Evil Regulations at the class representatives' meeting in the Assembly Hall. Now that you've gathered the Three Items, stopping them is YOUR responsibility!

Beatrice and her Public Safety goons leave, dragging the Subterra members along with them.

Will they succeed in using the combined power of the Evil Regulations to take over the school? Or will Leroy and friends, with an unusual task thrust upon them by the Public Safety Committee, somehow manage to turn the tables on Subterra? Meanwhile, the students of Hourai gathered in the Assembly Hall for the imminent class representative meeting... The time for Hospo's final battle with Subterra has come.


The evil, creeping hand of the Subterra Society attempts to usurp the school. In order to defend and protect the three values beloved by Hourai's founder, Hokita: liberty, friendship and irresponsibility, we of Hospo have decided to fight our way into the meeting in the Assembly Hall where the final regulation is due to be ratified!

I was looking forward to Valentine's Day so much, and now it's all gone down the drain. This isn't some kind of joke. Hey, Subterra! Give me back my Valentine's Day!

Come! It is time for all students to unite under my banner and fight Subterra!

And now for a special after-chapter event...

: Happy birthday to you--
: Happy birthday dear Leroy--

As I decided at the beginning of the game, Leroy's birthday is in February. When it's your birthday, Hospo will celebrate and you'll get either items, stat upgrades, or both depending on which month it is. Because Leroy's birthday is in February, he'll get a 6-point upgrade to all of his stats.

: It's your birthday this month, right? We remembered! We all got you a cake. Now, blow out the candles! Go on, just give the A button a push.