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Part 27: Crashing the Party

Update 26 - Crashing the Party

"This does not apply only to classes and club activities, but within dorms and outside of school as well. Additionally! The mind and body rule, the curfew rule, the gender segregation rule... the toilet restriction rule, the three-shift lesson rule, and the uniform rule... These regulations, having proved essential for a healthy school, are to be prohibited from any modification or repeal!"

: Don't worry. The Council would never pass something so blatantly insane as that.
: Still, did you see them? They all staggered into the Assembly Hall like they were possessed...
: Should we...go in and check it out?
: Y-yeah, good idea...
: ...Yeah, just a peek...

Meanwhile, at the assembly hall...

Title drop! It's a title drop. You know things are getting serious now.

: Is everyone all equipped and ready to go? The plane's waiting on the roof.
: Alright, then. Let's go.

: No time for doubting yourself now! Come on, let's move!

Since all of the students went to check out the assembly hall, Hourai's main building is completely deserted. There's not much to do around here, but we do need to get that last Wonder of Hourai.

We return to the locked door in the teacher's lounge.

: What? There's just some old notebook...
: ...

: Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. I guess we might as well go.
: ...It was kept hidden here for so long. There's got to be something to it!

Unlike all of the other Wonders, the Complete Notebook is actually an item. Using it will raise your Academics stat

There's one other door in Hourai's main building that the Student ID of the Ancients unlocks.

"It was ** years ago. A group called the Subterra Society appeared, and attempted to take over the school using regulations with the power of the Devil himself... the Evil Regulations. None could challenge the Evil Regulations, and it seemed as if Hourai's fate had been sealed.

But in our moment of darkness, the sacred Three Items reversed Hourai's fate! The power of the Three Items were such that they were able to seal away the Evil Regulations and return freedom to the school. In order to prevent Hourai from falling into peril again in the future, the Evil Regulations and Three Items were sealed away.

But we must stay vigilant. Remnants of Subterra exist to this day..."

With the history lesson done, let's take the chance to call everybody before beginning our daring raid.

: This is the final battle! But as long as Isaac's with me, we can make it!
: This is gonna be the final battle. Don't worry, I'm totally hyped! Let me show Julia what I can do!
: It's time to finally show Subterra who's boss! Lemme at them!
: Maybe now... I...I can finally...move on to the next world...
: The final battle's coming up. I'm so proud of you... I just know you'll protect the school.
: So it's time to give old Subterra the coup de grace, what? Perhaps I'll join you at the Assembly Hall... After all, conquering the school... No, conquering all of Utsuho is the destiny of the Twilight Penguins! We can't allow Subterra to get in our way, much less pip us to the post!
: Mitsurin do best! For Leroy! For all the jungle friends!
: If we win this battle, we can bring peace back to Utsuho! Be brave, human! Then, the way will be clear for me to...
: It's time for the final battle! I'll do everything I can to help put an end to this!
: The final battle is upon us. You have my sword!
: Oi! What are you playing at?! You've got to go to the Assembly Hall, post-haste! Oooh... I think I burst a blood vessel.
: Meeeeow meow meow!
: Well, if it isn't Leroy! I'm on my way to the Auditorium too! After all, the school's in trouble. Besides, if those goons take over, then it's gonna get harder for me to earn a decent crust...
: The only ones who can stand up to Subterra are the slightly goofy Hospo kids!
: ...I see. The Patrol Squad will fight alongside you... for Hourai!
: We Musketeers will help you... to bring back peace to ze school!

I'm really glad the Biplane Club forgave us for hijacking their plane and then crashing it into a giant robot.

: Once you break into the Assembly Hall, you won't be able to get out until you go down to the ground floor.

After all the stuff Leroy's been through this year, I doubt there's anything he's not ready for.

: Please, do your best...for our sake!
: Thanks.
: Alright! Let's go!

After bouncing into the plane, we take off to the skies.

Daichi is also much better at steering the plane than last time. Perhaps he's been practicing?

Despite the fact that Leroy busted straight into the main part of the assembly hall at the beginning of the year, the hole in question does not take you there but instead drops you off in the wings of the hall.

It's a short dungeon that consists of pushing buttons and going through doors.

The only enemies here are Gaga Girls and Marionettes. They aren't too much trouble, though Marionettes can cause Amnesia.

While we're here, let's check out our new furry friend. Cattus's Friend Skill, Bribe, causes enemies to join your side by giving them money. It also crashed my game every time I used it on the English patch.

Now it's time to bust in and save the day.

C'mon man, we've run into your group so many times, you'd have thought that everyone would get an information sheet on us or something.

: You're finished!

: Ha ha ha ha... We have brainwashed all your fellow students. Their hearts and minds are ours!

Well, we have gone through this entire game beating up people, what's a few dozen more?

Our saviors are here! You wouldn't expect a bunch of guys in penguins suits could be saviors, but life surprises you sometimes.

: OK!

In a display of brutal savagery, Hinako knocks Mr. Subterra right off the stage.

Doing so seems to knock all of the students out of their hypnosis.

I kind of like the blue uniforms. Maybe we should keep them? I can't discount Subterra's taste in fashion.

: Muhaha... You must be shocked.
: Th-th-there's two Principals...! Where did they even come from?!

: Lady Kaname is the younger sister of Ayame Tsukihiro. From now on, the both of them will lead Subterra and Hourai High together!
: What the hell is going on here?! Bah! I don't know any more! Just give us back Principal Ayame!
: Impudent wretches. You'll make fine sacrifices for Subterra! Take them! Ayame! Kaname!

Now this is more of a proper boss battle. Ayame is the weakest of the bunch, as her only skill is the attack "Cross Attack" (which she yells out in proper anime fashion). Kaname is the support for the group, as she can raise everyone's attack and cause Amnesia. Jom-Ra has a veritable smorgasbord of attacks, starting with Fire, Water, and Thunder spirits which hit the entire party. His lecture, pictured above, can also hit the entire party. His last skill is the most dangerous, as it can instantly take out one of your party members (though he doesn't tend to use it, as I only got him to use it once in five different battles)

The final option in question is the time-honored tradition of "running away."

: More importantly, is Kaname OK? We were separated ever since we were little... She's my younger twin! She suddenly vanished one day...
: I never thought I'd meet her again in a place like this! Now that I think of it, they must have kidnapped her and brainwashed her... Sigh...
: Fate can be a strange and cruel thing. Well...never mind that. You've got to chase Jom-Ra! He's trying to use use some kind of strange power to take over Hourai!

: I was being used by Jom-Ra all this time...

Astute readers probably noticed that, at times, Ayame's portrait looked different - because it wasn't Ayame at all, but Kaname.

Ayame's portrait
Kaname's portrait

With Kaname and Ayame back to normal, all that's left is Jom-Ra. Join me next update as we race towards the final battle!