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The Age of Decadence

by rudecyrus

Part 5: The worst NPC

Part V: The worst NPC

Before leaving for the mine, I notice some squatters in a ruined tower.


Soundtrack: Ancient

Even better!

: Can I fight them?

This is the devs taking shots at every RPG that forced you to fight rats in a cellar.

The drain looks interesting, but we can't see anything through the muddy water.

Let's check out the walls.

Time to flex our crafting skills.

We found a... thing. Whatever it is, I'm sure we'll find a use for it.

When we leave...

You've gotta be fucking kidding.

: [streetwise] Don't you see?! It's the curse! The curse of the tower! To touch it is to die.

: [streetwise] Hmm... maybe I should leave it here. Disturbing a curse can bring one all kinds of misfortunes. I feel weaker already...

So long, suckers.

Near the merchant plaza is this guy.

I smell bullshit

: Sounds like a good deal. Maybe even a little bit too good to be true?

It's probably a trap, but...

: Alright, let's go and take a look.

Called it!

There's only two guys, but they aren't pushovers, which I discovered when one knocked me out.

Death Count: 5

Second go around, I managed to dodge more attacks and inflict poison on both of 'em.

Behind a locked door is a chest containing a sharpening stone and 20 steel ingots! A good haul.

Miltiades has a rendezvous with my foot in his ass.

: Ah, Miltiades, my good man. I can't believe you missed all the excitement.

: What are you mumbling about?

I doubt he'd have the balls to trick us again.

: Deal.


I really don't want to fight again, so it's time to intimidate this fop.

: Miltiades may have made a fool out of you, but I'll make a fucking corpse out of you, unless you put a leash on your apes and get the fuck out of here.

It's been a long day. Octavia's had enough of this shit.

Time to find Miltiades and stick my sword down his gullet.

He's hanging around by the blacksmith.

As tempting as it is to slice him to ribbons on the spot, we'll chew him out first.

472 gold? You've bought yourself a reprieve, Miltiades. A short one.

And he scampers off. I hope we never meet again.

The only quest left is to investigate the mine. We could buy the amulet off the prospector, but fuck that, I'm not spending 500 gold.

We'll take the usual approach.

The crates contain a Bomb and some Black Power, which we'll definitely use.

We know what the machines are for, but there's no way to activate them.

We found... another thing. Presumably, we can put it in the console.

We could overheat the smelter and destroy everything, which would please Antidas, but do we really want to? Teron sucks a choad.

Besides, I wanna see this thing in action.

Well, whatever. We were going to Maadoran anyway.

Soundtrack: Slides

That's it for Teron! At the end of each "chapter," there's an epilogue of sorts, showing you how the major plots and power struggles play out. You're probably thinking, "The Boatmen killed the Imperial Guards? What does the Commercium have to do with this?" Patience.

We also find out the fates of the more notable characters and the consequences of some of our actions.

I'll take a break from the main playthrough to explore the other factions and subplots. There's more to this than you think.

Next time: Alternative starts