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Part 29: Class warfare

Part XXIX: Class warfare

To get to the next district we need to climb this massive stairway. At least I'm getting exercise.

: Expecting trouble?

You may notice some contradictions between what this guard says and what Meru's followers proclaim: Meru is trying to create a more egalitarian society.

Whoops, better spout some bullshit

: I am, brother. I was merely curious who dispenses justice in Lowtown.

: Is it not said that justice is a joy to the godly, but terror to the evildoers?


: A tear? A tear in the fabric of our world?

The dialogue makes me think the guard is pronouncing "tear" a certain way and is ignorant to the real meaning. Fucking homographs! In any case, it sounds ominous.

Further along is this nobleman.

An aristocrat literally looking down on the poor.

: Aellium?

: So when did Ganezzar become a city?

Looks like the nobles aren't happy with the situation.

The Temple District. It's small, but there are some interesting sights. First stop is the inn.

Hey, it's Laevinus! You may or may not remember this is the guy Domitius Ulpius mentioned way back when we first arrived at Maadoran.

: Gaius Laevinus?

Whatever he found, it scared him badly.

No need for sarcasm. At least we know where the temple is.

: Do you know of any other old places?

We'll explore all of these places, but that's for later.

We discover a shakedown in progress while walking through the merchants' area.

: What's that about?

Elias said something similar happened to him. The zealots have a nice extortion racket going on.

Everyone's so cheerful!

Hmm, I'm warming up to these zealots.

Lords to the left of me, zealots to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

Even the Imperial Guard bent the knee.

Not much of a conversationalist, is he?

Ah, now this sounds exciting.

Um, okay?


: What do you know about the one called Balzaar?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

: What about the Artificer?

I didn't know math would be involved!

Now I have a headache.

Next to the temple is this group.

: What's going on?

So a female Socrates?

: You have a patient crowd. What do you do here, woman?

Someone, anyone, just give me a straight fucking answer.

: Hopefully I'm wiser than I was yesterday and will be wiser still tomorrow. That's about all that I can claim.

: I agree, it is a harsh world and most folks would sooner steal from you or double cross you than allow you to have a little for your own. Evil men for dark times.

: If we were a gathering of hares I'd wager this conversation would take a different direction.

: But how often do the wild beasts take in excess? Or purely for pleasure? There are men and women who take from those around them far more than they need for their own survival. Be they bandits or nobles.

Shit wherever you'd like...

: You say we all act for our own best interest. What about acts of selflessness? Generosity? Not everyone always acts in favor of themselves.

I was with you until this "all deeds are selfish" nonsense. Get the fuck outta here!

: We are not a wise people.

Not far from Brontia is this person.

House Crassus is pretty damn important. We know one of Meru's ancestors worked with Abu Hassan, but we're about to learn how instrumental it was in the Empire.

: Alright, go on.

: The Magi, what were they?

: Hellfyre?

Too bad the Order ended up destroying the world with that arcane knowledge.

: So what was the relationship between House Crassus and the Order of Magi?

Inside the temple proper is another sermon.


Elias said we should talk to Lord Darganus. His house happens to be next to the temple.

: I have a message for Lord Darganus.

That's some damn fine facial hair.

: Lord Meru? Not Brother Meru?

A bit of a dilemma here: on the one hand, the nobles hate the fact that Meru is elevating the poor and it's clear what they want is a return to the good ol' days where the lower classes kept to themselves.

On the other hand: money.

: Well, I do hate vermin.

: With pleasure.

Next Time: Hellish Hector