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The Banner Saga

by ProfessorProf

Part 11: Day 11: Ekkill

Alette and Oddleif spend the day along with others in your caravan treating wounds, most of which came from the archers at the gates. "I overheard from one woman that the city has been sending carts with food around," Oddleif tells you.

"Keep your sword down until we need it," you tell Iver. "We'll make a deal unless they're looking for a fight." Early the next day, you spot another cart leaving the gates of the city. After they've thrown their scraps to the refugees, you approach.

It's not what I wanted.

He's in charge up here.
In charge of what?

Hey, free route into the city! Besides, if we wanted to take the cart by force, we would've done it earlier.

He nods. You follow him back up to the gates, where they open the doors for you. A man clad in black approaches as you step inside.

The man orders his guards to get the doors closed again before more refugees notice.

You said you wanted fighters.
You heard about the chieftain?
We heard he's hiding out in the great hall.
Oh really? Think you mean hiding out in a grave. He's eating worms, if that wasn't clear.
What happened in here?
Soon as they heard dredge were coming, anyone who couldn't swing an axe got one to the head. That's the short story, anyway. At least three clans in here warring over turf and food, and the WORST are the god-forsaken varl!

He eyes Iver and shrugs with exaggeration, as if simply stating the obvious.

We're in more danger here than out there?
Look, I was in charge here before things went to crap. You've got some people who can fight, you've got your own varl. That counts for something. I can keep your flock safe, in the great hall. You fight for me. And to take back Frostvellr.
I don't take sides. Too hard to tell when the good guys have become the bad.
Fine, cut these sheep loose and watch your own asses, what do I care? All I want to do right now is get out of the damned streets.

Once again, we come to a crossroads.

Do we fight for Ekkill to reclaim Frostvellr?
Do we cut out a life of our own inside Frostvellr?
Do we go back outside and take our chances outside the walls?

Voting ends in 24 hours.