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Part 12: Day 13: Departing Vedrfell

You can feel Ekkill sizing you up on the spot, his hand hovering near his axe. He snorts through his nose, changing his mind.

Good luck, then. Hope we don't meet again fighting for the same scraps.

With the gates closed, Ekkill and his men disappear down dark alleys.

Hope we know what we're doing.
Making it up as we go, Iver.

BGM: We Will Not Be Forgotten

From here, we part ways with Rook once more, to return to the other party.

But not from the same viewpoint.

I was able to get about as many warriors from Strand as you wanted, and more weapons. Extra supplies, too.

+100 Varl
+100 Fighters
+200 Supplies

You perk up, just now realizing Mogr has been talking to you. Since Vognir died, everyone has been looking to you to make the decisions. It's exhausting.

I was saying the varl we sent to Strand have returned. The governor gave us most of what we wanted.
Good enough. Much resistance from the governor?
Some. I don't think he was happy about us buying his fighters using his own money. He also insisted we take on a lackey of his to watch over his property. A man named Eirik.
Eirik? I met him. He seemed competent enough.
Regardless, the governor will have to get over it unless he wants dredge crawling through his streets. We've put down every slag that has wandered through here while you were gone.
Enough flapping of mouths, then.
You're sure that wound has healed, Ludin?
I agree. Enough has already gone wrong. If something happens to the prince on a mission of peace... the alliance would rot.

We would only be made to do this again later, and I will not suffer it all a second time. Either take us through the Wandering Road, or do your job and slaughter some dredge.

Ludin turns abruptly with a scowl. He stamps back to his ring of tents and followers.

Wandering Road's not an option with this many.
I could crush that boy's skull with one hand...
If Ludin won't be deterred, you'll have to deal with it. Don't let Ludin get to you.
Let's go. I'm sick of looking at this dump.

The chain of votes continue! Should we maximize discretion, carnage, or speed?

Voting ends in 24 hours whenever I wake up Wednesday morning.