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Part 17: Day 18: Fasolt

After that crushing victory, I don't mind parting with a few men.

You gather a handful of warriors to send back with the frightened villagers. With the path already cleared behind you, they shouldn't find too much trouble along the way, but you'll miss their strength in battle.

-15 Varl

This is where I draw the line, though.

"Not from what I've seen," he says, but taps the toe of his boot on the ground and returns to the caravan.

Another tiny village! Let's take a breather.

I wouldn't mind a couple days without combat. That last wave of enemies did a real number on Bersi and Griss.

I promote Mogr, for a simple advance of one point each in Strength and Armor. Bring the Pain promotes - at Rank 2, the initial hit does +1 Armor damage, and makes Return the Favor hit for 3 Armor damage on each counterattack.

You know, with the rate he burns through Willpower, and with my over two months of supplies in stock, I think I'm actually going to buy this for Hakon. That'll bring him up to a total of 7 starting will, or up to 9 with ideal morale.

And so we hit the road once more!

Day 19 sees us in good spirits, but we are not alone on the road.

Was. Vognir didn't make it.
You're serious? It's getting grim out here, but... didn't expect that.
You're flying the Schlid banner. What's happening? Isn't Ulfar in charge there?

We've seen nothing happening in Schlid, yet.
What do you mean?
No dredge. They never came through Schlid, they're all pouring out of Ridgehorn. We only just found out about it. One group went that way, we came here.
Ridgehorn? The fort on the bay? That place has been abandoned for hundreds of years.
Yeah. Maybe that's why they're there. By all accounts it looks like another damned invasion.

Ludin forces his way into the conversation.

Careful now.
You be careful! What did you start? You think men don't remember history? The Long Banner hangs in Arberrang! The second great war nearly screwed us all, what did you do this time?

No one to worry about, anyway.

Ludin's head swivels in your direction, eyes wide. He seems uncertain whether to be insulted or threatened.

What orders did Ulfar give you, Fasolt?
I'm supposed to offer any support you need. I've got three hundred thirty varl behind me, and Ulfar wants to know what's happening at Ridgehorn.

We've got a job to do--

We're going to Ridgeheim.

The words stick in your throat. Why did you say Ridgeheim? You meant Grofheim. Mogr gives you a perplexed look. Something is weird.

To Ridge... horn.

You can't explain exactly what just happened. You're getting that tingly feeling, like before. Like the dream. Ludin's inane barking pulls you back.

I'll have my varl fall in line. Yours to command, Hakon.
Are you insane? He just said na army of dredge are pouring out of that fort!
Go on to Grofheim then, prince. Having your blood on my hands would be worse than doing nothing.

This shuts Ludin up for a moment. You can see the battle raging in his head. He looks desperate for safety, but he didn't expect to flee like a coward. He expected you to come along. He glances at his men.

We're already this far. If this is the varl's doing, I'll know of it, and so will my father. Besides, you need my help, and my fighters. If I go, so do Yrsa and Bersi.

Ludin's unexpected flip-flop catches you like a swift kick to the shins. Mogr can't contain a chuckle.

Hah, the prince has courage!

I'd rather you stop acting like the one in charge of me! What kind of alliance is this?
These are varl lands! We're facing an army of dredge! How much experience do you have in these matters?!
True, mankind has never provoked them into a war! You're going for a third!

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