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Part 19: Day 20: Reinforcements

You toss the necklace to Mogr and tell him to hang on to it. If anyone can be trusted, it's him.

+10 Renown

Denglr was always one of the favorites amongst men. God of Good Fortune. They believed he brought luck, wealth, or whatever else you wish had, but couldn't get on your own. The word "fortune" has a lot of meanings. Eventually, you move on.

He even looks like a god of men.

And back to the road.

Day 21. Our caravan is bigger now, but supplies remain abundant, and morale remains good.

We're already losing time to this fool's errand, might as well save some lives while we're at it.

The sounds of fighting ahead compel you to crash through the foliage, sidestepping varl and dredge bodies along the way. You burst onto a scene of carnage - a vast number of varl surrounded by dredge. Explanations can wait. You charge into the fight!

Same team as last fight, but swapping Gunnulf out for Bersi.

The enemy numbers three, and two of them are strong. Scourge Warriors, with 18 Strength.

My starting formation. Bersi needs to be out of Warrior range - even without using Will, they could already hit him for 9 Strength damage.

Let's see how much this hurts.

If I had known what this battle was going to look at, I would have set Hakon to move first, just so that he could damage one of these monsters on the first turn. As it is, I'm expecting some casualties, since they out-turn us 2 to 1.

Thanks to the promotion on Bring the Pain, Mogr's retaliation does 3 Armor damage. That one is already down to 6 Armor.

Hakon is my most dangerous character right now, and as things stand, he's a very attractive target for that Warrior. This is why Fasolt's ability Malice is so useful - I'm directing an attack from a vulnerable heavy hitter to someone who can actually take it.

The enemy Grunt advances.

Hakon gets his turn, hitting as hard as he can...

...and thanks to Malice, the Warrior is forced to waste a turn poking my tank.

A well-placed Slag and Burn both complicates the grunt's advance and drops the Warrior to 16 Strength - no longer enough to rack up high damage against Mogr's 15 Armor.

And when he retaliates, he takes another 3 Armor damage. Mogr was perfectly positioned to take full advantage of Bring the Pain - he's done 9 damage to the Warrior's Armor.

I couldn't possibly have planned this better. Bersi is JUST BARELY in range to reach and punish the massive armor damage the Warrior has taken.

The Grunt walks over hot coals, falling to 7 Strength, to harass Mogr. He loses 3 Armor in retaliation.

Abilities that last until you next turn are amazing when you outnumber the enemy.

Eirk moves into position to pick off weakened foes while Rallying Bersi, who just spent 4 Willpower in one turn.

The stronger Warrior can't even do significant damage to Hakon at this point. I've all but won.

I don't quite want to start getting kills yet - not until I can kill two of them on consecutive actions.

The Warrior starts summoning an ally, and... he's going to pull it off. None of us who are in range are taking a turn before it resolves.

I forgot to stop and Promote Fasolt after this fight - he really needs more Break and Exertion right now.

Mogr's actually taking pretty significant damage here - he's tanked well, but he's down to 9 Armor and 8 Strength.

Hakon neutralizes the other serious threat on the battlefield.

In retrospect, the good move would have been to use Fasolt's Malice again on his last turn. Not to stop him from attacking Hakon, but to stop this.

Both of the Trembles are going to finish, and it's looking like I can't stop either.

Well, if they're going to get two new guys, I might as well kill one. Yrsa needs kills, anyway.

The first newcomer spawns in a good location - he won't be able to reach any of us on his next turn.

Surprise development! Bersi is fast enough to cut across the battlefield and put the second one down before it can finish. Now I just need to kill one or the other to initiate Pillage.

After the Grunt advances, Eirik cuts it off, dropping its Strength low enough that it'll be eating Deflect chances against anyone but Yrsa.

Pillage starts.

Pillage ends.

This was an amazingly smooth fight. I was worried about the two Warriors with their large number of turns, but they weren't much trouble at all.

+6 Renown

+280 Varl