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Part 26: Day 53: Journey to Wyrmtoe

The thread was much more sure on this one:

We need fighters. You fight the dredge just like the rest of us. You fight for everyone now, not just yourselves. And if you even look the wrong way at a single man, woman or child in this caravan, there will be no hesitation about killing you on the spot.
You do us a greater honor than I had hoped, Rook. These people are right to follow you. You'll have no trouble from us. I may be reckless, but I pay my debts.

The caravan eyes them suspiciously, but they try to fit in, following your orders. You expect to hear complaints about this. Things are definitely becoming complicated.

+45 Fighters

It would've been nice of them to at least bring their own supplies.

Day 54 takes us to an interesting sight.

You find a surprising number of people camped out at the godstone. They've been here quite a while, ever since the sun stopped. Apparently they think Radormyr, the sun god, has come back, and they're worshipping him despite the bleak environment.

Nobody can really agree on what Radormyr looked like, as fond as he was of his own isolation. He never directly contacted humanity. Most think he was a serpent that lived in the sun, and it's not uncommon to hear speak of seeing the tail of a great creature slipping through the thin clouds on a sunny day. Radormyr was always one of the lucky gods, the kind who people thanked for good weather, healthy livestock and a good harvest. Despite all that, the biggest mystery has always been how his godstone came to be found at the bottom of a dried-out lake.

After some rest, you continue on. THe sun god worshippers are keen to stay, so you pack your things and return to the road.

The Gullinfyri gives its user a 15% chance to do double damage on Strength attacks. I can't give it to anyone, though, because none of us are Rank 3 yet.

And once more out into the gods-forsaken wasteland.

Our Morale has dropped to Weak. However, as per our vote earlier, we will persevere until it drops even lower.

All Champions will now be fighting at a -1 Willpower penalty.

"What does it look like, Rook? Target practice." She fires another arrow, and a vulture shudders and falls out of the sky with a blue-feathered arrow protruding from it. She recovers the bird, laughing, inspecting its feathers.

"We can always use more fighters," you tell Oddleif. "If Alette is any proof, you know how to train someone with a bow." Oddleif gives you a smile. SHe heads off to some of the women in the caravan,showing them the culture she shot down.

Day 56. Still no sign of Wyrmtoe.

Random event. An odd one, considering that the entire varl population of my caravan is Iver and that one drifter.

Taking the mead, you shout, "Skal!" The crowd cheers and laughter echoes through the camp for hours as each person comes up with increasingly absurd stories of woe. The varl's remedy is a success and the caravan is in a much better mood the following day, albeit hungover and with less mead than before.

-10 Supplies

On the other hand, that pushed us back up to Normal morale.

Random event. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Several watch as you taste the fruit. You pause after swallowing and feign choking. Alette rushes to your side in a panic, but your laughter soothes everyone's concern. Soon, everyone is a little tipsy from the fermented fruit and spirits are high.

+12 Supplies

And finally...

Went the whole journey without seeing any dredge. Surely this luck will continue, right?