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Part 27: Day 59: Wyrmtoe

Krumr. It's been a long time.
Yeah, it has. So what brings Yngvar to Wyrmtoe with his very own village of humans?
Bad news. Dredge are coming down from the north, we barely made it this far.
That is dire news. Come on, we have food. We'll discuss more in the mead house.

As you follow the old varl into their meager town, you catch him quietly saying "If it were anyone else..."

Some think we should go to Grofheim instead. None of them are happy you're here.
What do you think?
If I had it my way, I'd stay here and let the dredge come. But you made this a problem, didn't you? We can't feed this many people for long, even if they don't eat much. This is a varl town, most of us take care of ourselves. You've got women, children...
We could pitch in... make this place livable.
It doesn't work like that. These varl are here to get away from civilization, not make one.
It's Krumr's call. It won't be long before dredge are here, too.
No, it won't. If there's one thing we should do, it's tell Jorundr what's going on.
Who's Jorundr?
Varl king. Well, as close to one as we have. Yngvar, where'd you find these people? Stay here and rest, but once yours are ready to go, we do. I'm going to see off those who want to head north, but I'll join you to Grofheim.
More travel? No, we've already come so far...
Stop the pouting, girlie. Even if Jorundr won't listen to a tired old varl like me, I have a feeling they'll pay attention to your friend Yngvar, here.
They'll listen to Iver?
Hah, he hasn't told you? Of course he hasn't. Do what you need to do, but don't be long.

Sounds like we've still got a long road ahead of us.

Mostly no, but I'll try.
I never had a moment to thank you for your hospitality.
Consider it done, then.

Respect, young one. After the second great war, wasn't much for me left to do, so I started training other varl to fight. Got tired of that, made a place in Wyrmtoe. They still come calling, even with no wars to speak of. Seems like that might be changing, though, don't it?

Depends how much you know. They're all armor. Tap 'em hard enough, though, and it'll shatter. Line up a whole row of slag and they'll explode on each other all the way down. You get in a big brawl, half your time is spent setting them up for it. And if you see one bag his axe like a tuning fork, try to kill him quick. Sometimes the slag he's calling won't even show up.

I might, I might. Or I could be the most boring varl you ever met. Depends on how much you like killing dredge. Ask me again some day, might tell you about the time we filled a dead yox with whale teeth. And why.

Hah! I'm not surprised he never told you. I'm just surprised he can stand being around anyone at all. Your friend was one of us, long ago. I mean, the dredge-bashing type. He was called Yngvar then. And if you want to know why he changed his name, best ask him yourself. I'm too old to peddle in gossip.

I suppose you should. Take care, friend of Yngvar.

The road to Grofheim from here is longer than the road from Frostvellr. I'm not sure that our supplies will last us that long.

So, I burn half my Resolve emptying the local supply market. The prices are good for once!

I have acquired another varl powerhouse! As you may recall, Krumr was one of the two varl who Ubin is competing with for the title of the oldest of their kind.

Krumr is a class we haven't seen yet, a Warleader - he can give his turn to nearby allies in battle.

Iver promotes to rank 3, gaining a point in Strength and Armor. Battering Ram can do an additional 2 points of Armor damage now, and he can equip the Gullinfyri.

Well, Grofheim isn't getting any closer.