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Part 36: Day 80: Departure from Einartoft

And we're off!

I can't promote Iver, but what I can do is spend the de-allocated points due to his rebirth as a one-armed badass. One point Exertion, one point Strength, two points Armor.

The road is long, and we have two weeks of supplies. Let's roll.

Day 80. Spirits are high, a fact which we will exploit to avoid taking any breaks.

Remember that little hypothermia victim we saved?

"You're safe, Aukfrosta," you say, looking into the girl's blue eyes. She calms a bit before stepping towards you. Using her stick to point at the deep gouges in the ground she previously made, she whispers, "Edj, edj, edj." It doesn't mean anything to you, but you feel like you connected with her a bit.

Day 81. Morale has dropped to normal.

Ignoring Aukfrosta results in a slight morale drop, bu morale is dropping all the time anyway.

One of the strangers approaches, saying, "We've run out of food. Any help would be welcome." His hard eyes reveal nothing of his motivations.

I don't know about this. What do you think, thread?

Assume no useful information is available. We can help them, not help them, or ask them to join. Voting will end in 24 hours.