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Part 37: Day 82: Pursued

The men look surprised by your offer. In short order, they join the caravan and start sharing tales and drinks. Unfortunately, it is less than a day later that you discover they've vanished, along with a sizeable portion of our supplies.

-22 Supplies

Bandits, man.

We're in a pretty bad way now. No stops before our destination.

I know you. Ubin? Never imagined you to be one to defy the king. What made you leave?
Someone had to.
What do you mean?
Bellower is heading this way.
Already? How is that possible?
A group of varl from Wyrmtoe showed up around the back of Einartoft. The long way. Bellower and his army chased them across the Summer Path, they said.
Past Wyrmtoe? That doesn't make sense. Bellower was at the bridge.
He must have doubled back after that serpent appeared. While we fought on the bridge, he led half his forces around to approach Einartoft from behind.
The attack on the bridge was a feint?
Don't let anyone tell you the dredge aren't clever. Einartoft will fall within a day.
Maybe not. He's following you. I thought one of you might know why.

You exchange nervous glances, but nobody speaks up.

Must be me, then.
Is there something I don't know? That's quite a grudge he's holding if he's coming for you, Iver.
It doesn't matter. Our only chance is to get to Sigrholm. Juno will know what to do.
We'll join you. I bring supplies and warriors, and my friend Gunnulf here bears a heavy sword. I believe he'd be happy to swing it for you.

+30 Supplies
+15 Renown

I stopped to spend some Renown, but look who it is! Our old friend! Who Rook has never met!

You approach the green-clad varl who is sitting quietly by himself, eating bread.

Just wanted to know anyone who can cleave a dredge in two like that a little better. I'm Rook.

Apparently this event was supposed to trigger after I'd used Gunnulf in a fight.

What to know? Ubin asks me to chop a dredge in two, I chop him.

Yes, long time. When I was young, I fight for another varl. It did not work out. But I learn to swing a sword. Ubin pays well, gives me plenty of things to kill. To be honest, maybe too many things these days.

No. I love this sword. Given to me by old Skrymir himself. When I start working for Ubin, he says, "I protect the king's collection, I protect the king."

Gunnulf makes an expression somewhere between pain and frustration.

I couldn't save it, though.

He makes ahand motion like an object falling from a tall height and exploding.

Mattered a lot at the time. I think it doesn't mater now. Skrymir is dead, anyway.

Want to be friends with Gunnulf, Rook?

He pops the last of the bread into his mouth.

Keep food in the cart.

Krumr promotes, gaining a point in Armor and a point in Willpower. Also, Forge Ahead can now be used on an ally up to 4 spaces away.

I want to promote Ekkill, but he lacks kills.

Day 83. Morale is steady, Sigrholm is distant.

Let's save some time here: If I send a scout, the scout will die, accomplishing nothing. There are a lot of dredge on the Summer Path.

Do we go around, or cut through?

Voting will last 24 hours.