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Part 42: Day 97: The Wait

It was a contentious vote, but we're going to stay.

-5 Supplies

You wander onto a beach where some men have been waiting for you. Some terse words are exchanged about whether anything had been stolen or not. You don't see who draws the first weapon, but it stops the conversation cold.

Sigrholm is such a nice place.

Keeping Oddleif out of this one because fights against humans are bad news for archers, in my experience.

To the west, a single Backbiter. To the east, a Thrasher, two Raiders, a Raider Shieldsman, a Raider Veteran, and a Bowmaster. Six against seven.

The plan: Rush the east side, ignore the Backbiter until he starts shit.

The nice thing about human enemies is that they don't have the kind of Armor you see on the dredge. This guy is already next to useless.

And the same from Krumr! Two enemies cut down to critical Strength before they can act.

The Thrasher thrashes Iver for 2 Armor and 2 Strength lost. I should do something about that guy, and I will.

Ekkill's opening isn't quite as awesome, but what can I say? He's only human.

Wow, Iver is already taking damage. This is the problem with the rush strategy: Someone always gets mobbed.

Thrashers are bad news, even at low Strength. Now we're six against six.

Archers don't fare well in these sorts of fights, but I don't really consider Rook an Archer. He's a Rook.

Eyvind boosts Iver back up to full Armor, which should help keep him alive through this rush.

The Backbiter approaches. He won't be here next round, either.

Thanks to Rook's Armor destruction, Iver can still get some good hits in, even after all the damage he's taken. He could have even gotten a kill in, with his exertion, but I think the raider is more useful to me alive.

All Krumr could do right now is kill an already-weakened target, so instead he pushes Rook's turn up.

The two raiders with shields are stonewalling, so even with will burning, Rook's Armor damage is limited to... more than most of us could ever do to a real foe.

Thanks to the enemy clustering, Ekkill is able to get around the back and wreck the archer before her turn.

I think I need to start taking kills here.

Let's start with this guy, then.

I like killing people who just acted - it takes a long time for their death to have an impact on the turn order.

Nasty hit from the archer - dangerous at any HP total.

Sorry, Ekkill!

This was an even worse move than it looked like it would be, because I forgot about the damn Stonewall.

With his 3 Exertion and regenerating Willpower, Iver has a great role at low Strength as a secondary Armor shredder.

With the turn order starting to skew, this guy could've caused trouble, if The Baddest Varl hadn't been ready for him.

Stoneguard's down.

Ekkill just barely pulls off a kill.

Gunnulf doubles the damage he needed for his.

I'd be worried about this if we weren't about done.

Pillage start!

Close, but not enough!

Pillage end!

+9 Renown

No casualties.

-12 Supplies

All of that Renown goes right back into buying supplies.

Before today: 12 days of supplies, 0 Renown, no injured heroes.

After today: 12 days of supplies, 0 Renown, no injured heroes.

Still no sign of Juno.

Do we stay or do we leave?