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Part 44: Day 104: The Road to Boersgard

So he's going to make it?

Your eyes open to the sound of Alette's voice.

Normally, a wound like that... I only hope I did enough.
I'll survive.

Alette stops herself from hugging your bandaged chest, pulling your head to her instead. The words come out easier than you expected.

It's a good thing Eyvind was here. She's going to pull through, though it was a nasty wound. We managed to kill most of those traitorous sons of bitches, and the rest fled into the woods.
There were a lot of people I couldn't save...
You did everything you could, Eyvind. Nobody expects you to raise the dead.

Eyvind frowns deeply, putting a hand to his forehead.

Utter bastard. All this time we had no idea. Ekkill killed a good half-dozen of Onef's men, by himself. He told me Onef was running Frostvellr the whole time. He left Frostvellr behind when he saw a better opportunity. Guess that relationship is over. Ekkill was always just the barking dog you put in the yard to find out who your enemies are. It was no accident Onef went after those of us from Skogr.
He must have thought with us gone, he'd take the banner and the rest would fall in line.
Or at worst, they'd take all the supplies for themselves and leave the rest as dredge bait.

I don't know, Rook. I really don't. None of this changes the fact that Bellower is out there somewhere, following us. That swamp around Sigrholm might buy us some time, but we've got to keep moving.

Your body aches all over, but Iver's right. The road calls. The caravan is already starting to pack up camp.

Oh, thank the dead gods.

You notice Oddleif wince as she rises to greet you.

It's doing a lot better.
When I saw it happen, I thought for sure... ah, well, I'm really glad you're...
You would have missed me, Rook?

She smiles.

Without Eyvind, that's all you could have done. Instead, you'll have to put up with my crap a little longer. It still aches like you wouldn't believe, though. Oh, maybe you would. Heard you took a stabbing yourself. I guess things could have gone worse.

Oddleif's smile falls like a lead weight.

I'm sorry, Rook. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. He died in Einartoft. It just didn't seem like the right time to... you know. Put that burden on you. I should have said something. It's been lonely without him. I'm glad to have Alette around. And you, Rook.

You mean, should we start kicking people out? That's a tough one. Usually I'd be the first to give you a dirty look for suggesting it. On the other hand, I got a sword in my back.

Oddleif thinks for a long moment before sighing.

Don't send anyone away. Just make sure nothing happens to Alette.

Okay. Thanks. I'll take you up on that. You know... you're welcome to keep me company. When I'm a little more awake. I mean, I'll talk to you later.

Then there's this guy.

I can never guess with you, Ekkill. I heard you helped drive off the traitors when Onef attacked us. And it leaves me always wondering... what's your deal?
I'm not so hard to understand. Why don't you try asking instead of telling?

Didn't I? How many times did I have to call him a traitor before you got the message? What'd you want me to say? Watch out, Onef's going to murder your whole family! He didn't fill me in on the details. He was always like that. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to convince you to off me. But listen, I don't need to know, so keep it to yourself.

I don't know, Rook. Family makes you do weird things. You know what the worst part is? We became kin when he married my sister. She died of a fever one night. But she didn't. She wasn't sick. He killed her. I don't know why he did it. Maybe he just felt like it. I was so furious. I got so angry that I... I wanted him to beg. I could kill him without a second thought, but that, that wasn't enough. I wanted him to feel sick about it. Puke his guts out. And somehow, somehow that turned into... over time. He never cared. And I gave up, and did what he wanted. Don't know how it happened. But when I attacked you in Frostvellr? Guess I'll just say it wasn't my idea.

Had no plans to go anywhere. So you're going to let me walk around with my own axe and everything?
That doesn't mean I'm not watching you.
I can accept that. You're a good man.

And I need to take a piss. You're not the only busy man around here, you know.

You shake your head as Ekkill steps away from camp.

I've got a fair amount of Renown, but there's a town on the path to Boersguard. I want to be sure I can buy all of their supplies when I reach it.

Day 105. 3 days of supplies remain.

They tried to bribe us to let them kill defenseless people. We may be starving, but we have standards.

The man turns completely towards you, shaking his head. "Had a feeling you'd be that type," is all he says before the brigands rush you.

Oddleif is back on the list, but she's also not very good against humans, which I've been fighting a lot of lately, so Gunnulf stays on.

This is more or less a reprise of the previous fight. Enemy is a Raider, a Raider Shieldsman, a Thrasher, two Thrasher Veterans, an Archer and a Bowmaster. Seven against six.

Oops! Six against six.

Not gonna lie, I just really hate archers.

Gunnulf is already taking damage, as he usually does when we're surrounded.

Ekkill burns his entire Will supply on the first turn, between movement and damage output. Well spent, I think!

You may have noticed that I changed the turn order a bit! Rook now goes before Gunnulf.

Iver gets Thrashed, for the average 2 Armor and 2 Strength lost.

And this is why Rook goes before Gunnulf.

You may have picked up by now on the fact that my goal is to end this battle as quickly as possible.

Iver burns a lot of will to make sure this guy can't meaningfully hurt Gunnulf.

Thanks to that intervention, he uses Thrash instead, damaging Gunnulf for 3 Armor and 1 Strength.

That's half his Strength down in one shot, but it'll take a fair bit of will to seal the deal, and Krumr's out.

I could have given Ekkill more will from the Horn, but this is enough - Iver can kill him in one attack now. Other people need that will more.

Krumr, thanks to his item, takes 3 Armor and 0 Strength damage from a Thrash.

That just leaves this guy to deal with. Rook's good at dealing with things.

Instead of attacking Gunnulf, the shieldsman uses Stonewall.

It helps him, but not much.

Eyvind casts Mend to keep Gunnulf in the clear.

These chumps never stood a chance, really.

Krumr scores another kill.

Pillage start.

Pillage end.

+9 Renown

No casualties.

+22 Supplies
+37 Clansmen