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Part 46: Day 112: End of the Road

We've got 4 days of supplies remaining. It has to last us this long.

In a disappointing turn of events, Gunnulf's long lost twin brother doesn't have eight bonus points to spend. What you see is what you get.

The item is decent, at least. He's a nice backup character.

Day 112. So long, Reynivik, you were awful.

Day 113. Three days of supplies remain.

This guy's going to be high-maintenance, I can tell.

Reluctantly your clansmen offer any food and drink they can scrounge together for the moaning varl. When one offers thin mead, he pushes it away. "In fact, take this away from me," he says, handing you his massive mead stein.

-1 Supplies

Eventually Sigbjorn comes to you. "I won't get into the details," he says. "I was supposed to bring those casks from Reynivik back to Boersguard. I drank maybe half. By accident."

"Point is," Sigbjorn continues, "You don't tell anybody what happened, and I won't tell anyone about the mead you got, okay? Trust me on this one." You agree, and get back to travel.

Bjorulf's Blessing is interesting - it gives +1 Strength, and adds knockback to all Strength attacks that do at least 3 damage.

I think I'll actually give it to Sigbjorn himself.

Day 114. Two days of supplies remain.

We don't have the resources to lose any time or rations right now. Some of us are already starting to starve.

You discreetly make your way to the family's tent amidst cheerful clansmen. You give your most heartfelt congratulations to the parents, telling them how strong the young boy looks. The mother cries and the father thanks you repeatedly.

+5 Renown

That evening, Unnarr clears his throat and loudly recites a tale of travellers, ending with: "War and death behind them, seeking hope instead, they carried on with courage, using heart and head."

A strange poem, but the caravan is happy for a change of pace. Unnarr bows and turns to assist the cooks. The evening's meal is larger than ever, yet the supply wagons seem more full than before. You look to thank Unnarr, but he is gone.

Day 115. A miracle has saved us from starvation.