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by ProfessorProf

Part 49: Day 116: Seige (Day 1)

You take volunteers to watch over the houses, mostly the older or wounded fighters who wouldn't be much help against the dredge anyway. Hopefully they won't be missed on the walls, but you feel better knowing that your clansmen will be that much safer.

-20 Fighters

Day 117. 21 fighters and 14 varl fell at the wall. Morale has risen to merely shitty.

To avoid starvation, I buy out half of the terribly-priced supplies. Enough to stretch for one more day.

And time to talk to Iver again.

One of your clansmen from the caravan finds you. "Just wanted to tell you that everything seems to be fine," he says, regarding the people in the caravan. "There was a little scuffle with some looters, but the fighters you left sorted everything out.

+10 Renown

If we ignore the wall, more people will die defending it. If we ignore our supply situation, starvation is a serious danger.

So, how will we spend our second day in Boersgard?