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by ProfessorProf

Part 50: Day 117: Seige (Day 2)

You find the massive leader of the Ravens along the docks, where they're doing their best to keep a growing number of people in check while the boats are being constructed. You question him about food supplies.

This option is only available if you went through the trouble to rescue Sigbjorn earlier.

"Let me get this straight," says Bolverk. "You happen to come through Reynivik with Sigbjorn in tow and plenty of mead to go around. Is that right?" You hesitate a little too long. "I'll murder that motherless yox," growls Bolverk. As he turns to leave, he grumbles "Bring the barrels and we'll make a trade."

The caravan protests when you tell them the deal you made, but when you return with more supplies than you expected, the complaints vanish.

+70 Supplies

Day 118. 38 men and 25 varl died defending the wall. Morale has risen regardless.

"Dad, there's a riot at the docks!" Alette runs up to you, out of breath. "They're trying to smash up the boats!" When you calm her down, she says the Ravens are there, but she's worried that things could get out of hand.

We are urgently needed on two fronts, now, not just one. What will it be?