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The Bard's Tale (NES)

by Miketopus

Part 3: Chapter 4

So, with a new day comes new opportunity. Let's see what we can senselessly murder today.

oh god

We successfully fled from the barbarians and visit the review board to find a disappointing scene. Kymas and Flamesack both require this much experience to level up, since they've both survived every battle up until now.

(Ten minutes later)

So, it's a mixed blessing. They're both level 2, but that just means they're a bit less squishy at this point.

A band of seven hobgoblins decides to murder our poor dwarf monk.

This incites a couple of our quieter party members to go on a revenge killing.

God damn that bard hits hard.

Zed's turn!

Three nomads. No problem, right?


Mercenaries aren't quite as tough as barbarians or nomads...

But there are more ideal enemies to clobber.

For example.

So there's Grumpy, and... well, I can't really tell them apart at this point.

I'm really not sure why this game randomly sends a suicidal weakling at me like this, but I'm not complaining.

Jango's distant cousin decides to try his luck.

And... well, it was an entry. I'm nothing if not fair.

And we lose... sigh... another fighter. Who would've seen it coming?

Fortunately, our magic users make it to level 3!

And they both qualify for level 2 spells!

Grumbles' turn to... you know... probably die or something.

The new magician spells. With Wither Strike, we can finally turn the tables and make enemies old! You know, if that were useful in any way.

Conjurer spells. Including a healing spell!

It took us a while, but here's some full-blooded orcs to fight. They're not that big a deal, thankfully.

This should give you an idea of the polarity of damage rolls in this game. For some reason, though, I never see Trig Palin do less than 10 damage.

Things close in this city? Huh. Well, at least the bar stays open.

And so we... wait a second.


A MELEE CHARACTER made it to level 2! I never thought this day would come! I... I don't know what to say! It's all so sudden!

We also have a bard at level 2! Not only does he now have one of the best HP scores of the party, but he can sing twice before losing his voice.

Aaaaand here's where our luck runs out.

They kill Grumbles before I successfully run away.

For some reason Conradin's stats didn't show up on my screencaps, but they were adequately beastly. And sadly irrelevant, as... Well, look.

(Note: I had to grab Sorsha because I missed the death screen previously)

So... our first party wipe, everyone! Wasn't it glorious?

I'm almost certain I'll bring back our magic users, since it seems only fair to give them some credit for surviving this long. What about our level 2 bard and rogue, however? Should we bring them back for more pain?

It's a dead man's party, so let's figure things out and re-arrange for the second team!

Statistics for this chapter:

Enemies killed:
Thieves: 5
Kobolds: 38
Hobgoblins: 19
Dwarves: 26
Magicians: 23
Barbarians: 11
Mad Dogs: 3
Skeletons: 14
Spiders: 9
Nomads: 8
Mercenaries: 4
Hobbits: 10
Conjurers: 13
Orcs: 7
Gnomes: 4

Ran from:
4 barbarians
8 hobgoblins
7 kobolds
6 barbarians
7 barbarians

Wiped by: 8 barbarians

EXP gained this session: 3242
Gold gained this session: 2292

Brut Skilfulsson
Zed, Duke Of Banville
Piplerouge Papilopolis
Garin Halfbottle
Pip "Klepto" Fiz
Trig Palin
Kymas Turan