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by Miketopus

Part 8: Chapter 9

Before we start this thing proper...


(Well, Final Fantasy Legacy is debatable)


Guess what, gang? It's time to storm the castle!

I just want to point out that a temple is situated directly outside of Harkyn's Castle, less than three spaces away from the front gate. This bodes well, doesn't it.

And located just outside the castle is...

Leif: ...Are you shitting me?!

Skarn: Well, I think I saw a tavern down the road and on the other side of the city, so I think I'll go there and gather... clues...


Costello rushes in for a daring attack!

And... one-shots the dragon?

Costello: Well well... looks like his bad breath wasn't enough for my edge!

Kymas: Costello, that was...

Flamesack: I know you probably just saved our lives and all, but I'm considering electrocuting you just for that.

Beyond the dragon...

Costello: There it is, everyone, Harkyn's Castle.

Leif: Ye gods, Harkyn's Castle...

Kymas: Harkyn's Castle, at last...

Skarn: (It's only a model...)

Skarn: Gahhhh! (Slices the sign to pieces)

Warren: What in Skara Brae did you do that for?

Skarn: I don't take kindly to no signs threatening me! Let's go!

Leif: ...Skarn, have you been drinking foul spirits again?

Skarn: Err... I haven't -not- been drinking foul spirits.

Leif: ...Well played.

Harkyn hasn't been paying his electricity bill, so we still need a light source in the castle.

This is the first area in which I stayed to fight stone elementals. They hit hard, but magic works pretty well on them.

Guarding a doorway is a golem. It's a tougher earth elemental with the same weakness to magic.

Leif:: I hate to sound like Runsa, but maybe we shouldn't...

Costello: Oh, come now. The sentries so far haven't been an issue. How bad can it be in there?

Costello: ...I should really go through my bard's handbook again for "Things you never say in dungeons."

As you can see here, Berserkers hit hard. Very. Fucking. Hard.

For some inexplicable reason, they also have partial magic resistance. Even so, it's the best thing to use against them.

Robes, you say?

Yes, it just gave robes to all of my party members. No, they aren't enchanted and they don't appear unique in any way. Thanks, Berserkers.

Further down a hallway in the... room for guards...

Warren: It appears to be another dead end.

Costello: Better check it for hidden passages to make sure.

Costello: W, what?!

That's right. A random dead end in the area teleports you to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 gold.

And waiting outside for us...

Leif: ...Oh dear.

Flamesack: That's it. Kymas, let's show them what we can do.

Kymas: Mangar's Mind Blade?

Flamesack: That's the ticket.

So, how good is Mangar's Mind Blade, the best offensive spell in the Sorcerer class list?

Flamesack goes first:

Kymas is next:

Costello: Uh... ah... ngh...!

After the massacre, we find what appears to be an enchanted axe.

Let's see how our drunken dwarf warrior handles it.

Oh, and the whole "hot coals" thing wasn't just for description's sake.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

Going through a door near the end of the hall.

Costello: Hang on, didn't we just leave that?

Skarn: Must be a trick then, to lead us away from treasure.

Costello: I don't think we should-


Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn

So, I think that's enough pain for one update. Let's get some healing.

Oh, and I don't believe I've introduced someone yet.

Roscoe will recharge spell points if waiting is undesirable.

But at 15 gold per point, it's even more expensive than healing.


So, after being "recharged" by Roscoe (), we're ready to go back into the castle. Next update coming! Hopefully sooner than this one!