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The Bard's Tale (NES)

by Miketopus

Part 10: Chapter 11

Okay everyone, this is going to be a very short update. But juicier than anything you could have imagined from me!


Before we get into the update, I picked this up in an early fight. It didn't do anything for Leif's AC, but it looked like the numbers for it fluctuated briefly. Any explanation?

Anyway, today we're going to the third floor. The only way to do this is to cast Levitation, and then press the "A" key to ascend. I had to look this one up for about ten minutes before I found a .pdf with all the DOS command keys for the game.

The third floor is actually easier to navigate than the second floor, since there's fewer teleporters and Apport Arcane actually worked when I tried it out once in a while.

Skarn: Oh, this one's easy.

Flamesack: You... you actually knew the answer to a riddle, Skarn!

Costello: Well done, my inebriated friend.

Skarn: What can I say? I'm a dwarf a' specialized talents. (Hic)

Between the old man and a 6x6 grid of darkness, I encountered about five groups like this. Fortunately, Mind Blade is doing pretty good in this dungeon.

Leif: Hey, didn't we pick up a crystal sword back on the first floor?

Costello: Indeed, we did. I'll keep it handy in case we run into this "guardian" business.

Skarn: Ah! I was just getting dry, too. Come on, let's take some of their booze.

Leif: W, wait!

Costello: Umm... m-maybe we should go. We obviously have the wrong door.

Warren: We can defeat them, Costello.

Costello: W-w-w-w-WHAT? Are you barking insane? There's hundreds of them!

Warren: It is a narrow room, and they can only attack in certain numbers at a time. Listen carefully: You three must hold them at bay while we cast our spells. It is the only way to do meaningful damage to their ranks.

Leif: You are crazy, old man! I can't take on this many!

Warren: You won't be fighting them. Simply defend yourselves as best you can, and allow us to do the rest.

Costello: We don't have any choice... I don't think we can retreat. They know this place better than we do, and they're fresh. We can't outrun them. Okay, let's give it a shot.

Flamesack: All right... hold it together guys. I'm going to blast these miserable bastards into ash.

Kymas: We won't abandon you. Let us show them just what we can do.

Leif: All right, let's go. Skarn, are you ready?

Skarn: This... this is the happiest day of my life!

This epic battle is too amazing for mere screencaps, so I finally decided to try DOSBox's video capture abilities. After converting it and uploading it, I've come up with two versions of this fight.

Version 1: The entire fight in its unedited glory. For those of you who just love to look at scrolling text.

Version 2: For those of you who enjoy epic scenes and don't mind the fight being edited very slightly, check this out. You'll either hate me or love me after this, I'm sure.

For those of you who just want the summary, stare at this picture for about eight minutes:

Eventually, and against all expectations, our heroes triumph over the legions of Harkyn!


Tune in next update for the conclusion of Harkyn's castle!