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The Bard's Tale (NES)

by Miketopus

Part 11: Chapter 12

Immediately after fighting Harkyn's army, we encounter... this.

Costello: Wh, what the?!

Warren: Be on your guard! I sense a terrible power from this creature.

Flamesack: Naw, you think?!

Kymas: By the powers... it's Tarjan!

Costello: Everyone, ready yourselves. Kymas, anti-magic if you have it. Flamesack and Warren, throw your best spells at him. Let's-

Costello: ...Maybe this game should be called "The Storm Giant's Tale."

So yeah, the Mad God everyone's been carrying on about is actually pretty easy.

Oh, excellent.

Skarn: Err... where are we?

Leif: Back outside? We might as well try the door, I suppose.

Costello: Maybe we should come back...

Warren: Actually, I think this is the perfect time to visit Kylearan. Don't worry, he isn't in league with Mangar.

Kymas: There is unmistakable danger up there, however.

Warren: Indeed. He's... testing us. We musn't disappoint him. Come.

Kylearan's tower is actually much smaller than the rest of the dungeons. It only has one floor. However, teleporting is forbidden here, which means we have to take the routes given to us.

The enemies aren't really anything new so far. Though those Phantoms always look kind of freaky to me.

The treasure, on the other hand, is excellent. Only Skarn was able to equip the Sword of Pak, though. Also, for some reason the Luckshield sells for more than the Adamantium Shield.

Leif: Good grief, another riddle?

Costello: They've been rather useful so far, these clues. Let's keep it in mind.

For some reason, the other clue wasn't screencapped, so here it is: "As a guardian he must walk... The first part of his name means rock."

Costello: Nothing simpler.

Getting this riddle correct teleports you into the middle of a big room full of magical darkness. How nice. After stumbling around for a few minutes...

This one is really obscure, but it just so happens I encountered it before. If you check the map of Skara Brae, there is a road called Sinister that indeed has no end if you try to walk it. You'll never go more than a couple of spaces south, so turning back is simple. Still, kind of a weird street.

Anyway, this opens up a door in the southern end of the darkness room. Let's go a-stumblin'. This leads to... a series of maze-like hallways in magical darkness!

Flamesack: Ow! Dammit, stubbed my toe! Piece of-

Flamesack: Huh... this looks like those other two silver things we've found. Guess I'll hang on to this one.

Costello: Ah... thanks, I guess.

At long last, the darkness hallways end!

And this cheerful fellow is waiting for us.

Costello: Crystal... golem... ah ha! Let's see how he likes the Crystal Sword!

The Crystal Golem is an unremarkable fight. In fact, I didn't even need to kill him with the sword itself. Just having it in your inventory is enough to stop him from reviving endlessly.

In order to summarize the last two parts of the tower, stare at these two pictures for about a minute each, then switch to the other. Repeat for about ten minutes.

Having fun yet? At least you can skip this part.

Finally, we come to a door.

Kymas: His beard is more epic than any that I have seen in this land!

Kylearan: Ah... Warren, is that you? You survived the duel with Mangar, then?

Warren: Indeed, old friend. And your trial, it seems, has unlocked more than just the way to Mangar...

Costello: Wait, does that mean you finally remember everything?

Warren: My memories have returned to me in my old friend's tower, yes. My spells are coming back to mind as well, but remain a distant blur.

Kylearan: That would be Mangar's curse upon you, my friend. The clash with darkness would have enveloped your very being, had you not sealed away the core of your power at the sacrifice of the rest. The curse has weakened, but shaking it off will be another matter entirely. Regardless, I will point the way to the Dark Tower.

Warren: I see... thank you, Kylearan. We will put a stop to Mangar once and for all.

The Onyx Key that we just got from Kylearan is what will unlock the way to Mangar's domain. The final dungeon of the game awaits.

Fortunately, just past Kylearan's room is a teleporter back to the entrance. We can go right back to the AG and rest up.

We're in the home stretch, guys. Time to exercise our party to properly epic strength and push on to the final encounter. The end of the impossible Bard's Tale is near.