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Part 14: Chapter 15

Kymas: Say, Warren. I have been thinking...

Warren: Yes, my friend, what is it?

Kymas: Since Flamesack's death at the hands of that archmage, I am the only person in our group to have overseen every changing of the guard.

Warren: I beg your pardon?

Kymas: Flamesack and I were with this group since the beginning. We were the first of the six to answer the call of Skara Brae. And yet... somehow... we were the only two to have met every member of the adventuring group that has come to replace our fallen allies. We had always figured that someday our time would come. The answer of Mangar's end might never be revealed to us.

Warren: But you survived, my friend. And we raised Flamesack as well.

Kymas: Yes. But, what of the others who fell to Mangar's hordes? I calculated the cost to revive them all, but I don't have enough. Even with mage Kylearan's reward.

Warren: I see your point, my friend. It just so happens that I don't have much need for all of this money myself. Perhaps we could...

Kymas: I have a better idea. Come with me.

Kymas: We'll have need of this fellow...

Warren: What in the name of the powers are we doing down here?

Kymas: You'll see. Let us Apport Arcane... over here.

Warren: Kymas?!

Kymas: Now, sorcerer, I think it's about time you had your comeuppance.

Warren: I'm... glad you had your justice, Kymas. But...

Kymas: Shh, we're almost there.

Kymas: That foul sorcerer isn't the one that nearly ended us.

Kymas: Sphynx, I have a riddle for you.

Kymas: What's grey and dead all over?

Kymas: That is for all you have done. And now you can begin to repair the damage you have inflicted.

Warren: Hah! I see. I take it this was your plan all along.

Kymas: Indeed, Warren. We earned our reward. Now the henchmen of Mangar can pick up the tab.

And so, Kymas Turan and Warren Angelus used the hoard of Bashar Kavilor to resurrect all the brave adventurers who had fallen under the darkness of Skara Brae, and turned their fates to their own.

That's right, everyone! In true storybook fashion, everyone gets an ending in The Bard's Tale!

For those of you who submitted characters who made it into the LP, reply in this thread and tell me what you want your character to do after their resurrection. Do they go treasure hunting? Open a bakery? Discover the internet? Do whatever the hell you want! It's not my world! Also, if you have a picture of your character, include it in your ending. I still have the pictures for Sorsha and Muldoon, but anyone else is welcome to make their own!

Once you submit your character's ultimate destiny, I'll create two or three more updates to make them official. If there's anyone who's unclaimed after a week or two, I'll open them up to public suggestions.

Get to work, people!

One more extra!

I never really had a chance to showcase this, but if you press "P" at any time whilst wandering around...

You can open up the party combat screen! Kill your buddies!

Let's have Warren cast Deathstrike on Kymas...

...And Kymas cast Mind Warp on Warren.




The prophecy has come true!

And no, this doesn't count as the ultimate outcome for Warren and Kymas. Unless their owners want it to, I guess.

Okay, see you guys in the epilogue updates!