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Part 16: Chapter 17

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Aldrec Firebrand continues on his quest to free his homeland from the tyranny of his mad king.

Well, what is there to say about Lathain? Mysteriously, the priests could not bring him back to the world of the living.

It is said that Ischilos, as a reward for a lifetime of faithful service, released His subjects from their bonds after they have done their best in the material plane. There was something about hordes of beautiful, fawning virgins and so forth.

All we know is, only two things can stop the recalling of a soul from the world above. The first is unrepentingly commingling with baneful spirits, consigning one to the world below. The second is being entirely unwilling to come back. Which category Lathain fell into was simple to guess.

Thus did the great Sage of Good, Warren Angelus, finally put his feud with his first and only mistake, Mangar the Dark, to rest. With the death of the one who had cursed him, Warren's powers may be even greater than they were before.

Combining his vast magical power with that of good friend and fellow Archmage Kylearan, a new, magnificent Academy of Magic sprang up in Skara Brae overnight, ready to take the next generation of mystical adepts under its enchanted marble wings.

However, news carried by a disturbing letter soon reached Warren's ears: the legendary Destiny Wand, most holy artifact of the God who Stands Above All, had been sundered into seven pieces, hidden in seven snares.

He and Kylearan alone knew what that meant. The timing was perfect in its base malevolence. A force far darker and more terrible than Mangar was coming, coming to take revenge for the defeat of His vassal. Neither sword nor spell could hope to defeat this final opponent, unless the Destiny Wand's influence over the Realm could be restored.

It seemed that Warren was being called into battle once again...

...But no. His adventuring days were over; while his spirit was strong, his body was growing old and feeble. Let some other group of heroes take up the fight. One student in particular seemed promising...

Warren had one final, ultimate spell up his sleeve. His body would surely die, but his spirit would rise again. One God willing, Tarjan would rue the day He came to Skara Brae for the rest of eternity.

Sorsha, a founding member of the 'A-Party' was withered by a Magician, leaving her half-dead, extremely old, and subsequently completely useless back on Page 4. Having missed out on the adventure, and failing in her quest to defeat the evil Mangar the Dark, she spends her remaining funds after being healed to open Skara Brae's first 'Old Adventurer's Assisted Living Centre', specifically tailored to help adventurers like herself that had been prematurely aged by magic and abandoned by their fellow party-members.

Her experiences with magic had been negative, (first turned into pig, and then withered in this adventure) leaving her fiercely anti-magic. She regularly submits petitions calling for legislation in support of her hatred, specifically in support of the "Mutilate All Magicians Act" or MAMA which she co-authored along with other previously withered adventurers.

Conradin, having joined the party just prior to a TPK, decided a life of adventure was not for him. He pursued many other occupations and business endeavors, all of which ended with all participants quickly dying, just like in his adventuring career. He is known as one of the nicest guys you could ever have the grave misfortune to meet.

Time's running out, everyone! I'm eager to call this LP licked. I'll start making up endings if I don't hear back soon.