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Part 26: Chapter 6-04

I decided to split this update into two parts.

Chapter 6-04

The Bard was not fooled by the apparent corpsiness of the corpse.

Meet Hrafn

: Hello? Gonna wake up on me?

: Oh come on, we both know you're going to spring to life when I least expect it. May as well get it over with and do it now.

Hrafn: Bah, you ruin Hrafn's surprise! But you'll not steal Hrafn's keystone, little man.
: I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. You northmen just don't seem to know when to stay dead!
Hrafn: It'll take better then you to send Hrafn to Valhalla.
: Maybe not Valhalla, but I'll see you back in your grave soon enough.

: Is it me? Or did it suddenly just get hot in here?

Hrafn: *gasp* A Valkyrie! Have you come to take Hrafn to Valhalla at last?
: If not, then take me instead.
Valkyrie: I have not Hrafn. You have not earned your way into Valhalla.
: Ooh... just got a little colder.

Hrafn: But that wasn't Hrafn's fault! It could have happened to anyone.
: What happened?
Valkyrie: He was a very skilled and fearless fighter in life, destined to win much glory for himself. His brothers were organizing a raid up the coast and celebrated their impending victory with a great feast. This one got himself so blinding drunk he stumbled and-
Hrafn: Hrafn gutted himself on his own sword.

: Hahahahahahaha! That's priceless, that is! I only wish that I could have been there. Hahahahaha.
Hrafn: Enough out of you...
Valkyrie: Indeed it was no laughing matter, for now Hrafn cannot enter Valhalla. Until he prove his valor in combat, he cannot leave this tomb.

With that, the Valkyrie vanished.

Hrafn - Snarky:

Hrafn - Nice

Being nice fails to work almost immediately.

: I'm sorry, I don't think I made myself clear. Hand over the stone or I'll gut you!
Hrafn: A threat only works if you can make good on it, you can't beat Hrafn, little man.
: I may not be able to beat you, but I can make what little life you have left here unbearable!
Hrafn: Go away little man, you bother Hrafn.
: You call yourself a Viking? Are you going to sulk in your little chair, or are you going to do something about your problem?
Hrafn: Don't make Hrafn angry, Bard. Hrafn is a berserker you know.

: I bet you couldn't harm a trow. Berserker? Don't make me laugh.
Hrafn: What??!!!? Hrafn will show you what he can do! Show Hrafn some enemies, Hrafn will kill them all.

Hrafn angrily got up from his throne and steamed to the Royal Door. He used his keystone to unlock it. The Bard could clearly see a throng of Draugr inside.

The Royal Key is just a red herring - we don't need it. We're really here to help Hrafn.

Hrafn's Challenge - AKA The Buddy Cop Movie

I'm using the Sword + Shield for this section instead of the Claymore because the Broadsword is much faster, and that lets me stay ahead of Hrafn in kills, which means I get to taunt him.

Besides, we got the Broadsword at the start of the dungeon, so it's leveled or this. Meanwhile, our Claymore is still the same one from the Houton shop.

The screenshots in this part may be inconsistent because I was concentrating on fighting, and had to go back and take new shots later.

After the Bard dispatched three or four Draughr, Hrafn finally managed to strike one dead himself.

Hrafn: Hah! One down Bard, you ever see a head fly that far before?
: Beginner's Luck!

Hrafn struck down another Draugr.

Hrafn: Hrafn is just getting warmed up!
: You mean thawed out.

The unlikely duo fought down another hallway. After Hrafn struck down his fifth Draugr, he cried out in triumph.

Hrafn: You see that?

: Hehe hardly worth mentioning, but now that you bring up numbers, I believe you're behind.
Bard's Kills: 9

Hrafn: Who's tomb is this? That's right, it's Hrafn's tomb!
: You're certainly fighting like a corpse, I'll give you that!

In this section, enemies respawn constantly, so eventually Hrafn gets his 25 kills. Staying ahead of him on kills lets you farther into the dungeon with much less difficulty, and you can loot chests with less difficulty.

With one room clear, the Bard took advantage of the peace and quiet to do a little looting, then it was back into the fight.

Hrafn: Beat that!
: Shall I take a nap while you catch up?

Hrafn: Now Hrafn does what Hrafn does best!
: Apparently your best isn't as good as my best.

Hrafn: Ha! Who wants some more? Are you keeping up with Hrafn, Bard?
: I was about to ask you the same thing.

Finally, Hrafn killed 25 foes. In an uncharacteristic display of skill, and with the help of his bond-servants, the Bard had managed to defeat 36.

Bard - 36
Hrafn - 25

Hrafn: There Bard! Now you see that Hrafn is no weakling! Now Hrafn will head back to Hrafn's throneroom... to brood.

The Bard was exhausted from the heavy combat, and he put up no argument as he followed Hrafn back.

The Bard gave a long sigh, and leaned against a wall.

Hrafn's Reward:

: I'm glad that business is over with... now about that keystone...

But before Hrafn could respond, the Valkyrie re-appeared.

Valkyrie: Hrafn, it is time to go, you have proven yourself.
Hrafn: Praise Woden, it's off to Valhalla, a fight everyday and a feast every night until Ragnarok comes!
: Wait a minute! I defeated plenty of enemies. Aren't you going to take me?
Valkyrie: Not a chance.
Hrafn: Oh come on, can't we talk this over? I mean we could just go over there into one of those chambers and have a private discussion about it.

Valkyrie: Not even when I was mortal. In any case, you have more to do in this world before you move onto the next, farewell.
: What? But how am I going to get out of here?

The Valkyrie paused a minute weighing the options. Finally she nodded.

Valkyrie: Let me give you some knowledge that may help you escape this place.

On the ground appeared a new tune - the Fire elemental, and an ornate Viking flute.

The Bard picked them up. The jeweled flute had a powerful energy about it. The Bard realized it could sustain an additional bond-servant.

: Ah, I knew you-
Valkyrie: Don't spoil the moment. OK Hrafn, let's go, next stop Valhalla.

Hrafn: Farewell Bard, you were a worthy foe and a true friend, you can have Hrafn's stone.

Item Gained: Royal Stone
Experience: 3300

Then Hrafn and the Valkyrie vanished in shimmering light.

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