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Part 31: Chapter 7 - 04

I had to split this update, but I may be able t get the other part up today, it depends on how much I have to do.

Chapter 7 - 04

BOSS: Lugh

The Bard drew his sparking Claidheamh Soluis Mark 1 Electric Claymore.

"Recognize this?" the Bard said with glee.

"Aah, I see you've been raiding the rubbish. Is that really the best weapon you have? This shouldn't take long at all," Lugh said patronizingly.

The Bard got several good hits with the Soluis, then Lugh revealed one of his secret weapons. He summoned a magical shield of spinning axes to chop up anyone who entered melee range.

The Crone was hit, and Lugh cried out in triumph, "Ha ha ha... you were no match for me!"

The Bard tried to use his claymore's long range, but the magical flying axes pounded him and he had to retreat and resummon, while the Light Fairy fluttered around Lugh, nimbly dodging the axes

"Get out of my face you annoying creature!" Lugh snapped.

The Light Fairy unleashed a blast of light, temporarily blinding Lugh.

"Och, told ya not to look!" the Light fairy chortled.

The Bard took advantage of the distraction to draw his Bow.

Lugh cried out "Imbris Gladius!" and a rain of spears fell from the sky - but it was quite poorly aimed, completely missing the Bard and all of his summons.

The Fire Elemental's fireballs and the Bard's fire arrows battered Lugh.

Lugh realized he was losing the battle, and went straight for the jugular - specifically, the Bard's jugular.

The Bard was completely unprepared for this tactic, and was near death before he could reach for an adder stone to use his healing amulet.

The newly rejuvenated Bard retreated and resumed the attack, while his Fire Elemental hurled fireballs from the other direction.

Lugh seemed to be confused by the dual ranged attack, unsure which target to attack.

Finally he went for the Fire Elemental, but too late.

Experience: 825

Yes, you get less experience for a BOSS then you do for solving a simple "summon your rat" puzzle.

The Flame on the tower went out, and Caleigh shimmered into existence.

Mountain Tower - Caleigh

Caleigh: My champion, you're here! I have counted the hours till I-
: Cut the crap lady. What gives with all the dead refusing to stay dead?
Caleigh: Um. Yes, I had feared that would happen.
: I would appreciate it if we discussed all fears up front from now on. I'm not a big fan of surprises.

Caleigh: Very well. I should tell you that the denizens of the underworld are rising up, trying to put an end to your quest.
: Why are they after me?
Caleigh: They know it was you who defeated Herne. Because of this they know you are trying to set me free. Their leader is a ruthless man who'll stop at nothing to keep you from freeing me.
: Yet again something I wish I knew earlier.

Caleigh: I'm the only one who can stop them. Until I'm set free, darkness will engulf the land. You must hurry. The longer you take, the more power the forces of evil will gain, soon I won't even be able to hold them back.

: I should have just settled for the farmer's daughter.
Caleigh: You must get to the Island Tower quickly, time is short. First go to Dounby where you'll find a man named Dugan. He is in a tavern called the Aiken Drum. He will have further instructions for you.
: Oh joy, another journey. Why not tell me where I need to go right now?

Caleigh: Dugan is locating an object for you, something of great power, you'll need it to enter the third tower. The fate of the world is in your hands my love.
: As long as there's no pressure involved.
: And more pressures were soon to come. Unbeknownst to the Bard, the servants of the mysterious Fionnaoch were making good on their masters command to stop the Bard at any cost.

Caleigh vanished once more, but another package shimmered into existence. The Bard opened it.

New Tune: Knight

New Tune: Upgraded Explorer

New Artifact: Lugh

Adder Stones: 15

World Area Unlocked: Island Tower

: A valiant Knight, honest, brave, noble, nearly invincible in battle. Of course also not very bright, but as we've seen with our own hero, nobody's perfect.

The Knight doesn't do as much damage as the Upgraded Mercenary, and he has less health, but he has much better armor and can stun enemies with Shield Bash.

Upgraded Explorer
Mana Cost: 100 -> 200
Health: 157-> 200
Armor: (1-5) -> (3-7)
New Ability: The Explorer can detect and open secret doors, which is excellent since it's where the best treasure is usually hidden.

The Upgraded Explorer takes much less damage from traps, and has a new ability - he can now find secret doors in dungeons. This is the reason to not visit the other dungeon near Houton until now.

Don't be fooled by the Island Tower getting unlocked now, it'll take several chapters to reach it.

Lugh's artifact is pretty much a waste of adder stones. We'll have plenty left over, but we won't need to use his artifact. Come to think of it, we haven't even shown Herne's artifact. I'll make a note to demonstrate these later.

The Bard was tired from the long battle and rested for a moment. He looked in his pack for some food, but came up with the map he had forgotten about until now, the map to the Cairn of Carrowmere reputed to be somewhere in the mountains. The Bard took the map to the edge of the parapet. The tower was high enough up that he could see a long way. He studied the map, and scanned the area until he located several landmarks on the map. The Bard used them to spot a likely location for the Cairn.

The Bard saw movement closer to the tower and frowned. A vast party of Druids was approaching.

The Bard walked away to prepare a quick meal before the impending battle. As he did, he heard a sickening grinding sound as the edge of the parapet where he'd been standing moments ago gave way. With Lugh dead, the tower was quickly collapsing. This was no time to stop and have a sandwich.

"Alright, I get it!" the Bard grumbled.

The Bard summoned his Knight and Mercenary.

He headed down the stairs as the entire tower began to shudder unpleasantly.

The Bard had only gotten a few steps when he saw a wave of Druids incoming.

: You lot are late - again! Have you checked your wrist sundials? I think they're running a bit slow!

This infuriated the Druids.

"Get him! GET HIM!"

They threw themselves at the Bard without caution, and they paid the price.

The Bard had to hurry, chunks of the tower were breaking off and falling to the distant ground. The interior wasn't looking much better.

Cue the Montage

Level 13
Strength increased to 16
Vitality Increased to 16

New Talent: Power Shot

Finally the Bard reached the bottom level, but still the Druids came. But now there were new Druids in purple robes that cast a nasty spell.

The Bard beat a hasty retreat, and made it out just in time, before the ceiling of the arena collapsed.

But even through the Bard was mostly safe from chunk of stone, he faced still more Druids outside.

Finally, the Bard reached the pass through which he had entered, only to be stopped.

The Pass had been collapsed completely, likely on purpose by the Druids. There was no way out.

The Bard kept searching, however.

"There's gotta be some way out, dying in this frozen wasteland is not on my "to-do" list for today," the Bard said.

Persistence paid off, for the Bard did find his way - the wall he had found earlier had been struck by a chunk of stone from the collapsing tower, and it had collapsed.

"They don't make walls like they used to," the Bard said with satisfaction. He eyed the heap of rubble that was all that remained of the tower. "Or towers, for that matter."

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BOSS: Lugh

Mountain Tower - Caleigh