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Part 34: Chapter 8 - 02a

Work has been pressing lately - specifically, I need to actually do some. Updates will be a bit irregular for a while.

Chapter 8 - 02a

The Bard quickly dispatched the Druids, but moved on hastily. There was distant shouting, and the sound of feet approaching. The Bard hurried down the street, checking doors, until he discovered an unlocked one. He slipped into the building and closed the door behind him, as quickly and as quietly as he could. Then the Bard turned around. He was in a Kirk.

The priest was watching him.

Priest: Welcome to Dounby. These are dark times, not many come to visit us these days. Still, we provide healing and blessing for those that care to donate.

The Bard had his ear pressed to the door. He heard the sound of people breaking down doors. The Druids were searching for him, and they were getting ever closer.

The Bard whirled around to face the priest. "What about hiding, can you do that?" he hissed.

The Priest seemed to need some convincing. "Well..."

The Bard didn't have time to haggle and thrust a large sack of coins into the Priest's hands.

"Here, father, take this. There'll be more if you hide us," the Bard pleaded.

"Ah, bless you," the priest said, "follow me."

The Priest moved with surprising speed to whap appeared to be an ordinary wall candle. He pulled the handle, and the wall swung open. The Bard unsummoned his bond-servants, and he and Bitey hurried inside the secret wall.

The wall slid shut just in time, as the Bard heard the door to the Kirk burst open. There was a low but fierce conversation, then the doors to the Kirk closed again.

There was a tense moment before the wall slid open, and the Priest said "It's safe now, they've moved on towards East Dounby."

The Bard stepped out, saw that the Priest was alone, then he relaxed.

"Much thanks, father, here's some coin for your coffers," the Bard handed over another, larger sack of silver.

The Priest's eyes lit up. "Bless you, good sir! Here, let me do something that may help your odds, should you get caught on the streets."

The Priest cast a spell, and the Bard felt invigorated and stronger, as if his skin was made of steel.

Priests can heal you for a donation; larger donations give you a temporary damage reduction. Large Donations also unlock the extras, the art galleries, selected movies and the songs, but since I've already unlocked them all in my practice run of the game, we don't get that. That's a good thing because it takes a TON of large donations to unlock everything.

The Bard moved into East Dounby, but he hadn't gotten far when he once again heard approaching Druids. He ducked into a nearby store and watched the Druids stream past, thankfully in too much of a rush to spend time searching houses.

The Bard once again turned to see people staring at him; the two Fox Brothers, Jean and Jacques.

Jean: Ah, bonjour. How so very nice to see you again! You have come to pay us what you owe us, no?
Jacques: Oui, oui. He must be here for that very thing. Jean, you are so smart! You are, how they say, the smelliest fish in the drawer.

Fox Brothers - Snarky then Nice (FIXED)

Fox Brothers - Nice

Fox Brothers - Snarky

Fox Brothers - Snarky then Snarky

Fox Brothers - Snarky then Nice

The Bard didn't recognize them at all, not unusual, but he caught from the cues of their body language that they were lying.

Neither conversation option changes the outcome by any noticeable degree.

: I think you mean the sharpest knife don't you? And since I've never met you, the only thing I owe you is a view of my arse as I leave.
Jean: Wait, wait! Not so fast! Perhaps it is possible we could be mistaken...

: I owe a taste of steel to these druids, and I'm sure you want none of that.

Jean: Wait, wait! I am certain that you are certain in your certainty. Therefore, allow me the honor of making amends and proposing to you a... how does one say, a deal.
Jacques: Oh Jean! It is just the thing to restore our fallen honor. You are so clever! So wise! So unwashed! Oh, how I wish I was you!

Jean: Oui! We want to give you a pleasant little tune that will summon the sexiest of beasts to aid in combat. If you would do for us but one small favor, we would give it to you tout de suit.

The Bard rubbed his temple and sighed. He didn't trust the Fox brothers, but a new tune could come in handy.

: One small favor. I'll grant you one small favor. Just one. What is it?
Jean: Tres Magnifique! All you must do for us is to find Donnan who lives very close and collect from him the 50 silver pieces he owes us.
Jacques: Oui, oui! Get us the money and we will give you the song!
: Find Donnan, get the 50 silvers. Done.

The Bard followed the directions, and soon arrived at a house. The door was unlocked, so the Bard entered. Donnan was sitting in a corner reading, and he jumped up indignantly at the sight of the intruders.

Donnan: This is my home! What do you want?

This is where the "Shady Job" comes in.

Vote: Should we be Pure Nice, Pure Snarky, Nice then Snarky, or Snarky then Nice?

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Fox Brothers - Snarky then Nice (FIXED)

Fox Brothers - Nice

Fox Brothers - Snarky

Fox Brothers - Snarky then Snarky

Fox Brothers - Snarky then Nice