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Part 4: Chapter 1 - 03

Here's where I really start to get creative. Portions of this update are partly or entirely fictional and do not reflect actual gameplay. Let me know if there's anything wrong or unsatisfying about this update.

Chapter 1 - 03

Sure enough, the mysterious stranger from the cellar was waiting for the Bard.

Mysterious Old Man

Mysterious Old Man: What'd I tell ye, lad? Ye hooked him and cooked him.
: Thanks to that song you gave me.
Mysterious Old Man: You're welcome, boyo. And should ye be looking for another one like it, find the Trow in the Fairyhaunt woods. But keep yer wits about ye; they're devilish clever, the Trow, with magic by the pound, and not a single scrap o' honesty.

Mysterious Old Man - Snarky

Mysterious Old Man - Nice

The Bard, being an unscrupulous, despicable liar himself was no slouch at detecting when certain important things were going unsaid.

: Do I look like the village idiot to you? I've had more then my fill of barbarian hordes, evil wizards, cities locked in eternal winter and any other type of adventure you'd care to throw my way. There's too much danger and not enough profit to go around.
Mysterious Old Man: Come now boyo, what's a little danger when compared to power? Didn't that little trick I showed ya help ye get in good with the widow Macrary? If it's yer skin that ye're worried about I've a wee trinket here that'll keep ye safe from harm.

This amulet was made by a powerful sorceress. It can summon her spirit to heal yer wounds in battle. Ye'll need adder stones to provide the necessary mystical power. If you like you can even use multiple stones for even greater effect. Here laddie, try it out.

The mysterious stranger retrieved an antique silver amulet and an adder stone, a large pink and blue crystal from some hidden pouch in his clothing, then handed them to the Bard. The man instructed the Bard to clutch the amulet in one hand, the adder stone in the other, then dash the crystal onto the ground.

The Bard did as instructed, and as soon as the crystal shattered, time seemed to slow down and come to a halt.

A figure of a beautiful woman, clad in white descended from the heavens in a beam of light.

The woman raised her hands, and a shimmering blue light showered the Bard and his Thunder Spider companion.

The Bard was so struck by the woman's beauty that it took him a moment to realize time had resumed passing again.

But when the moment did pass, he became more suspicious then ever of the mysterious stranger.

: She's very beautiful, but ...uh... I've found that mysterious strangers offering gifts usually lead to trouble. You wouldn't want anything from me would you? Have any ulterior motives by any chance?
Mysterious Old Man: Ye wound me laddie.
: That remains to be seen. Out with it man, what do you want from me?
Mysterious Old Man: Ye've got it all wrong. Look my boy... oh ok... I do want something from ya.
: I thought so. What is it you want? Something dangerous no doubt?

Mysterious Old Man: No, no, nothing like that. Ye see, I belong to an ancient order, we've traveled the land for years now seeking men such as yerself to...
: Ah ha! I knew it was something like that! I'm not joining anything, but I will take your advice and find this trow. Oh, and I'll have that amulet as well if you're still offering it.
Mysterious Old Man: Of course lad, of course. Here ye go and don't forget, the Trow is in the Fairyhaunt woods, goes by the name of Bannafeet.

The old man handed the Bard the amulet, as well as a pouch containing 5 adderstones. Engorged by the morning air (or perhaps the sight of the beautiful woman), the Bard set out immediately for Fairyhaunt woods.

As he proceeded into the woods, he became aware of movement in the bushes to either side. The Bard, not having been in the area before, was unaware that Fairyhaunt woods were home to ferocious packs of wolves. Wild, savage beats as big as a horse. The kind of vicious brutes that wouldn't hesitate to rip a man savagely, tearing off limbs with a near berserker rage! Woe be to any who dare set foot -
: Do you terribly mind? Those aren't exactly encouraging words.
: Oh, very well. *ahem* The rustlings the Bard heard were most likely those of harmless rabbits.
: Thank you.
: Yes, probably just rabbits... Very large rabbits with stomachs rumbling so ferociously that to the untrained ear, it sounded almost like growling.

Eventually, the Bard found the Peerie Trow called Bannafeet in the ruins of an ancient structure carved with strange runes.

Bannafeet: Well now, who've we here, eh? You must be the fellah who's been chasin' all over, puttin' the touch on the locals with that shockin' beast of yours.

Bannafeet - Snarky 01

Bard: You've obviously heard of me, so you know I'm not a man to be trifled with. I've come to learn a bit of magic and I won't take no for an answer.

Bannafeet: Oh, don't hurt me friend, don't hurt me and I'll tell you where to find a song worth knowin'. Go back into the center of town and head to the town well. Climb down to the bottom of it and there you will find exactly what you deserve.
: You must be joking.
Bannafeet: Tis no joke my friend. What yer lookin' for is at the bottom of that well.

: You people try my patience. *sigh* OK, I'll do it.
Bannafeet: To show my good will I've even opened up a quick way back to town for ye, it's right over there.

Bannafeet had just told the Bard to go jump in the well, and the dim-witted Bard obeyed.

The Secret of the Well

From the bottom, the Bard somehow heard Bannafeet laughing hysterically, and the Bard learned that it's not always a good idea to threaten someone you're asking to do a favour for you.

On the way back to Bannafeet, the Bard encountered Roy, a peasant hunting in the woods.

Roy: This forest is a great place to hunt, it's teeming with Grouse. If you haven't got a bow, you ought to get yourself one, and try your hand at hunting.
: But, uh, what about all the wolves?
Roy: Kill 'em, and then skin 'em. I pay handsomely per hide, more for the bigguns. There's lots of money to be made in huntin'.
: Sounds like a bit too much work for me, friend.
Roy: Aye, I'm not surprised. Look at yer, ye've got the hands of a wee bairn.

The Bard continued on his way and to his shock, Bannafeet was... exactly where he'd last seen him.

Bannafeet - Snarky 02
Bannafeet - Snarky 02

Bannafeet: Well, look who it is! Find anything interesting in the well?
: Very funny, very funny. Let me return the favour by throwing you in a hole... six feet deep!
Bannafeet: Maybe now you'll have a wee bit more respect for your betters, eh?
: I'll teach you some respect!
Bannafeet: *laughs* Look here, calm down. I was just having a wee bit of fun at your expense, no need to get murderous about it.

Bannafeet: *laughs* Slay me Bard, and you'll never learn that magic you're after. Wouldn't you like a little something to even the odds when facing wily fellows like meself?
: I'm listening, For now.
Bannafeet: Sheriff Rucky keeps a jail in the forest. Inside is a prisoner by the name of Ketill Swart. Spring him free for me and you'll get your song. The good news is that there are no guards around. The bad news is that they abandoned their posts to avoid a tribe of Kunal Trow that've claimed the building as their own.

Bannafeet: Once you make it past their patrols you'll need to say "fiddlesnarf" at the door to be let in. When he's free, come back here and I'll teach you some magic. Fair enough?
: No, not really, but it's a start. I don't relish chasing you around this forest so I'll do what you ask... but you had better keep your end of the bargain or I'll make you wish you had.
Bannafeet: Oh, and one more thing, you have to free Ketill before the day's end, or you get no song.

Bannafeet - Nice

The Bard returned to Houton, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"Kunal Trow, huh? An entire tribe of them? I think I'll need some heavier firepower."

The Bard strolled into the local blacksmith and weapons shop and plunked down his purse containing 41 pieces of silver. "How far'll this get me?" he asked. Seamus, the shopkeeper grunted and said, "I'm sorry to say lad, but it'll take ye all the way outside the door," pointing to the price list nailed crudely to the wall.

Houton store

: Could our heroes quest be coming to an end due to insufficient means? Let's hope so.
: Don't you worry. I have a plan.

The Bard went back into the Fairyhaunt woods, and instead of creeping about quietly, he trampled loudly and shouted "HERE WOLFIE! COME HERE WOLVES!".

The Wolves listened.

Random Wolf

: The Bard having slain the random wolf found that it had digested not only the contents of a small treasury, but also various household goods... wait, am I reading that correctly? That can't be right.

: You'd be surprised. I find all kinds of things inside these beasties. Did I ever tell you about the time I killed this rat and out popped an entire chest...
: Well, I'm just going to skip those passages in the future.

: What? That's a major source of income! You cheap, good for nothing horse's...
: *Ahem* And so the Bard continued on his journey...

But after slaying a couple more wolves, the Bard sat down on a convenient stump and finally had to admit he was going to have to face what he feared the most. He was going to have to get a job.

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