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Part 42: Chapter 10-02

Ha! I bet all three of you following the thread thought I wouldn't be able to update until tomorrow!

Chapter 10-02

MacRath's Dungeon may not be the longest in the game, but it's a decent size and it has a lot of very unique things in it. It's maze-like, but we have the clues we need to navigate it quickly. However, I am not going to navigate it quickly, there's treasure to be found.

Sure enough, as the Trow predicted, once again the Bard felt his magical powers dampened by the shimmering lights.

After slaying a zombie, the Bard headed down the hallway. Absolutely nothing happened.

But... if you hadn't apologized to the Patient Villager wa-a-a-y-y-y back in Chapter 1, something would have happened.

WHAT IF you didn't apologize to the Patient Villager - Nice

WHAT IF you didn't apologize to the Patient Villager - Snarky

Experience you would have gotten: 1430

There was only one way to go, a shimmering portal marked with a skull symbol.

Lord Bauder's Dungeon

The portal deposited him in an alcove in a strange room. The Bard could see no way back. He was trapped in this area. And there were zombies closing in. Fortunately, the Bard realized that he was now free to summon his bond-servants.

The area was also heavily trapped with spike traps and crushing walls, but that wasn't the Bard's job.

The Explorer was more then just a convenient trap-springer, he had other talents as well, and opened up a secret room for the Bard.

Inside was a single chest containing a magical Locket.

: A locket made by the wee folk of the southern islands, such charms were often known to bring long life and good health to their bearers. Of course, this particular charm also held a terrible curse... muahahaha... Oh, alright there was no curse, but I can dream, can't I?

This is the +2 Vitality token, but since we already have the +3 Vitality token, this is entirely worthless.

The passage ended in a room containing two portals, the Circle and the Tree. The Bard tried to remember if he'd seen the symbols before, but gave up and entered the Circle portal.

The Passageway of Inevitable Demise

: The Bard seemed lost in the maze of MacRath's dungeon, the symbols etched into the teleporters may have held the clue to finding his way out.

The Bard came across a recent looking batch of barrels.

: I always seem to find these things in the strangest places.

At the end of the winding that were a Tree Portal and Skull Portal, as well as a Metal Mouth.

Metal Mouth - A Limerick

Metal Mouth:
There once was a Bard from Houton
Who was venturing towards a mountain
On his way through the pass
He slipped on his ass
And his head shot blood like a fountain.

: Lovely.
Metal Mouth: Thank you.
: Do you do children's parties?
Metal Mouth: Well, I used to, but not anymore, some children can be just insufferable.

The Bard, having been into the Skull Portal already, entered the Tree Portal and would up in....

Lord Pershing's Danse Hall Macabre

The Bard dispatched a couple wandering zombies, then entered an extremely dark room, when suddenly...

(You have GOT to see this to believe it)
Danse Macabre

Green Zombie: You got served!

: What the hell?!?!

The Bard had unfortunately interrupted some kind of party, and the guests were not pleased. Nevertheless, the Bard found a way to quiet them down.

The room at the end of the hall contained three more portals, Skull, Circle and Moon. The Bard once again chose Moon, the only unique path and entered...

Lord Merrimont's Diviniation Chamber

For once, no hostile reception awaited the Bard. It was completely devoid of undead. Nevertheless, the Bard felt an even greater sense of unease then before.

The Bard and party entered a room with a large, filthy pool in the center. For some inexplicable reason, a cold wind stirred the cobwebs in the room.

Skull Spirit: RAAAARRRHHH!


Skull Spirit: Oooh, I love that! Works every time!

The Bard, seeing that the spirit was more interested in frightening him then eating him, relaxed.

: Uh... Don't think it's because you scared me, it's just uh... that you're so damn ugly... I'm sure you got that even when you were alive.

Skull Spirit: You have entered the Room of Awakening, and something wants to see you again!

The Bard uneasily remembered the hundreds of angry beings he had killed on the quest so far.

: Well I'm damn sure I don't want to see it.
Skull Spirit: I'm far too curious to have you leave before I get to see what it is. You know what they say... curiosity killed the cat.
: Great... Someone get me a cat then.

Skull Spirit: I'll only show you the way out of here if you perform the ritual and bring back whatever wants to see you!
: I, uh, don't think so.
Skull Spirit: Very well, you'll be trapped here and die and then you'll become a ghost and have to spend all of eternity with me!

The Bard considered this.

: Suddenly I'm feeling like reconsidering my decision. What do you need me to do?

Skull Spirit: Simply light the torches around the room and let's see what happens!!!!

: "Bleep" that!
Skull Spirit: That's the spirit... Ha. Get it? The Spirit?! ... Oh, never mind. Let's get this show started. Tell you what, after you perform the ceremony, if you're still alive... I'll teach you a little bit of magic.

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WHAT IF you didn't apologize to the Patient Villager - Nice

WHAT IF you didn't apologize to the Patient Villager - Snarky

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