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Part 49: Chapter 12 - 01b

This was more tiring and longer then I anticipated. I'll try and merge the next section into the section after that, although it may be tight.

Chapter 12-01b

Culainn 01 - Nice

Culainn 01 - Snarky

: Don't let me interrupt your digging. Ahh... reminds me when I was a kid my dog once buried my sister and I...
Culainn: I don't have time to talk right now! They're running out of air, help me dig them out!

: Yeah, yeah, digging isn't exactly my forte... is there any other way I could help?
Culainn: There are more miners down here, but they scattered during the attack. If you can gather them and bring them back here, they could help me dig. I'll make this worth your while if you help. But you've got to hurry, the air is running out fast.

The Bard was glad that he had already toured the tunnels, for he remembered where he had seen Firbolg miners at work.

: There's trouble, come with me!
Firbolg Miner: Lead the way!

The Firbolgs were well used to mine accidents, and didn't need to ask the Bard questions.

The Bard lead the Firbolgs into the passage leading to the cave-in.

: Cave-in, some miners are trapped. Down there. I'm going to find more miners to help.

The Bard hurried back to where he saw two more miners working, tangling with some Finfolk on the way.

The Bard led the Firbolgs to the cave-in and went back for more.

With eight Firbolgs working as a team, soon the rubble was cleared away.


What grim sight awaited? Were they too late?

No! The Firbolgs, without and within, cheered and celebrated.

If your last response in the first conversation was nice, you automatically get the reward. If your last response was snarky, you're still in luck, but you get two chances to turn it down.

Culainn - Initially Snarky - Nice

Culainn - Initially Snarky - Snarky then Nice

Culainn - Initially Snarky - Snarky then Snarky

: Oh, that was quite rewarding, glad I could help. Now speaking of rewards...
Culainn: We found this strange sword down here while we were excavating, it seems to... well it sings. OK men, back to work, time to clear out those tunnels to the east.

Culainn handed the Bard the sword. To the Bard's surprise, the sword cause his arm to raise involuntarily, and the Sword began to speak in an arrogant tone.

Ego Sword: Oh for heaven's sake, you don't look very formidable. As a matter of fact, you don't look like much of anything. I hope you do better then my previous wielder.
: Well as I live and breathe, it is true... you speak. I can only pray that your edge is as sharp as your tongue. And you have things turned around I think... I hope you serve me better than you did your former wielder.

Ego Sword: He was gone in the head, my former master. Kept insisting he was the Chosen One, if you can believe that rubbish. You don't seem much better.

The Ego Sword's voice carried quite a long way. The Bard dropped his voice to a whisper.
: You'd be surprised as to what I'd believe. Now keep quiet, we have finfolk to Skewer.

Ego Sword: Remember, the pointy end goes into the enemy, you simpleton.
: This is going to be just wonderful. Now shut your... whatever it is.

: So it came to be that the Bard found the perfect match for his own charming personality.
Ego Sword: Well, I am a bastard sword you know.

Experience: 2200

The Ego Sword is another combination weapon and instrument. It seems to be one-handed, but it falls under the category of two-handed weapon. It does the same base damage as the best standard Claymore, but the Claymore has lightning damage bonuses. The Ego Sword, like the Shadow Axe is a weapon that allows for quick and repeated summonings. It's probably even faster because you don't have to shift your hands to get it to play a tune.

The Firbolgs had all dispersed, and the Bard decided to poke around in the cavern beyond the cave-in.

He discovered that there was still one Firbolg left in the cavern.

A Rescue Rewarded

The Bard to his surprise found that he seemed to recognize this Firbolg.

: Oh, you look pretty familiar... oh gods, Dolyn? Did you get yourself trapped in another cave-in?

Dolyn: Heh heh, yeah I did, and you got me out again, I owe you my thanks.
: I'd say you owe me a little more than that.

Dolyn: Always joking, I see right through you. You talk tough, but inside you're all heart.
: You're entirely mistaken about that, let me assure you.

Dolyn: You can't fool me! And even though I know you'll try to refuse any reward, I'm afraid I must insist.
: Fork it over already!
Dolyn: OK, here it is, good luck my friend!

Experience: 1650

The Bard headed for the eastern passages, to see if the Firbolgs had cleared the way, but he hadn't gotten far when the barreled past him.

"Look out! Finfolk!" they shouted.

The Bard sighed and drew the Ego Sword.

Ego Sword: Your savior is here!

The sword appeared to be short, but in this case at least, size didn't matter. When the Bard swung the sword, an ethereal blade of smoke extended well beyond the end of the shaft, slicing effortlessly through the Finfolk.

The eastern tunnel was indeed clear, and the Bard entered, but sighed in resignation at the sight before him.

: Not this again.

This is the last chance to explore the world After stepping on the boat, you're locked into the main quest, there's no going back and no side attractions, save one.

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Culainn 01 - Nice

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Culainn - Initially Snarky - Nice

Culainn - Initially Snarky - Snarky Nice

Culainn - Initially Snarky - Snarky Snarky

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