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Part 58: Chapter 14 - 02

I really was ya know, hoping for more then response to my last update. But anyway, here it is, the final decision. Make your choice...

Chapter 14-02

The Bard's Dilemma

Caleigh: My champion, *sigh* at last I can look upon your face.

: You're even more beautiful in person m'lady. One moment and I shall free you from your prison.

Fionnaoch: You are such a fool, Bard.

: And, uh, may I know the name of the man who thinks me a fool?

Caleigh: Don't listen to him, he's the one who's been trying to kill you.

: Yeah, I've noticed.

Fionnaoch: My duty is to stop any man who threatens to unleash evil upon the land, and you are that man.

: I've been fighting this evil to set the princess free, so she can send you and all of your demonic little friends back to hell where you came from.

Fionnaoch: A place she's very familiar with, since that is where she's from. She's the ruler of these fiends you speak of, she is from the very bowels of hell itself!

: I know she's a little bossy, but no reason to get rude.

Caleigh: He lies! Kill the bastard!

The Bard frowned at the outburst of anger from Caleigh.

: You're not helping your case here. Are you insinuating the princess has something to do with everything that's been going wrong in the world?

Fionnaoch: Your betrothed there is the direct cause of it all!

: Now you've gone too far. She's not my betrothed!

Caleigh: My love, don't you see what he's doing? This is his last, desperate attempt to stop you from setting me free. The minions he's set upon you have failed, so he's resorting to telling you desperate lies. Please don't let him confuse you, he's the one behind all of the evil that assails the land.

Fionnaoch: I will fight you if I must, but she is the enemy, not I. She has been playing you for the fool.

: I'm not stupid. There's no way this woman is the root of all evil. I mean, look how hot she is, for crying out loud.

Fionnaoch: You have eyes, yet you do not see. You have ears, yet you do not head. You have a brain, but it is located in your-

: Get to the point, please.

Fionnaoch: Caleigh has been held captive here since the last time she attempted to cover the land in darkness, a thousand years ago. It took the power of four mighty wizards to defeat her and entrap her here, ensuring that her reign of terror was ended. All this time she has been looking for a man, a "chosen one" if you will, to set her free so she can rule again. I'm afraid you've been only a pawn in her game... one she will surely dispose of once set free.

: This is why I hate dating.

Caleigh: My darling, he speaks half-truths. I was imprisoned here, not by wizards, but by four demonic warlords. You have seen some of them and vanquished them yourself. It was I who defeated their armies, although I was weakened in doing so. After the battle, they trapped me here while they rebuilt their forces.

Caleigh: They will rule this land forever unless you kill him and set me free.

: Listen... I-I think I need to sleep on this.

Fionnaoch: You must choose now my friend, time is running out.

Caleigh: Look inside your heart, love. Set me free.

: The time had come. The Bard was forced to choose, and he knew that he had better choose wisely.

The Bard asked his summons for advice. The ones without mouths were incomprehensible, but the rest had a thought to offer the Bard.

Advice for the Bard

Summons that Support Fionnaoch
Crone: I know a little something about how appearances can be deceiving, and there's some major deception happening here. It doesn't all add up, Bard. I think the Druid there is telling the truth.
Knocker: I'm not usually one to side with a big fella like that, but what he says does make sense. I mean, I can't see why a real princess would ever be interested in the likes of you.
Light Fairy: A difficult choice, eh maestro? Listen to what your heart tells you and you can't go wrong. Me, I don't see the appeal in the princess over there... that Druid however; tall, dark, and mysterious... I'd go for him. I'd go with him for sure.
Explorer: I do seem to remember something about an evil queen being bandied about in my younger and more tangible days. Could be this Caleigh here is that same Lady. I'd be careful with her if I was you.
Heroine: Have you not seen enough to know she's been using you? Think of all the others she's tricked into trying to rescue her, all those Chosen Ones. And all dead.

Summons that Can't Decide
Bodyguard: Well is sure is a difficult choice... on one hand, the Druid has tried to kill you, but on the other hand the Lady seems a little too good to be true. I don't know, whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll be the right choice!

Summons that Support Caleigh
Rogue: This druid has an ill look about him for sure. As far as I know, he's the only one who's tried to kill you. I think the choice is obvious.
Enchantress: A highborn lady would not stoop to deception. This Druid however, is a peasant with little honor, much like yourself. I fear he is not to be trusted.
Mercenary: Well, I'd have to do with the lass fer sure. I mean it's not everyday you run into a lady with her...ummmm attributes.
Knight: I am shocked by the strife and suffering this beautiful soul hath endured. Indeed, it hath gone on too long, and it will take the likes of us to win her freedom. We must set her free.
Brute: Be think pretty lady is nice. Man is big ugly nasty who tried to hurt friends. I crush him if you say so, Bard friend.

Final Vote: Do we Side with Fionnaoch, Side with Caleigh, or simply Get the Heck Out of here?

None of the choices will result in the Bard's death.

Voting will be open for 24 hours, and a minimum of ten votes.

All the endings will be shown, this vote is to pick the "official" ending.

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