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Part 59: BONUS: Art Galleries

BONUS: Art Galleries

The Bard's Tale has 11 Art Galleries as extras. You unlock these by spending your hard-earned silver on Large Donations to priests. I unlocked everything in my pratice run (it took a LOT of Viking farming in Stromness), but I eventually maade all 800 or so Large Donations (The Priest in Dounby takes a larger Large Donation, so it takes fewer).

I was able to use most of the images from the gallery, but some didn't have a place. So here they are.

Concept Art for axes, possibly for the Shadow Axe or Lochaber Axe.

A photo of one of the developers play-acting, apparently

A storyboard for the a draft of the first scene in the Drunken Rat

A sketch of what was probably intended to be the Greenlands area. Looks like it was changed a lot

A concept art drawing of Finfolk with legs

A convept sketch for when Dolyn was going to be stuck with ice. Since the Bard doens't see that Dolyn isnt' human until after he rescues him, the drawing didn't work for the LP.

Concept art for smome furniture items. Making believable game worlds is more work then it seems, you have to design everything in it.

Looks like a skeletal animation concept for the killer plants.

Kunal Trow concept sketches

Sketches for miscellaneous characters

Sketches for the Peerie Trow and Firbolgs

Sketches for different variations of the Skull Spirit

A sketch for some character. I'm not ure who it is, the closest it comes it is the Snobby Shopkeeper

A sketch for a tall house

Looks like the original water beast had a larger water beast underneath it.