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Part 8: Chapter 1 - 06a

I guess everyone is busy with holiday stuff.

These next two updates are short because they were planned to be part of update 5, but that was too long.

Chapter 1 - 06a

The Bard made his way back to Bannafeet.

Bannafeet's Gratitude

WHAT IF: Ketill dies? (Bannafeet)

Bannafeet: Oh, thank you! I wagered Sheriff Rucky that Ketill wouldn't be locked up for more than a day. I sent the Kunal Trow to free him, but they decided to take over the jail and claim it as their own. I thought for sure I'd lose, but now you come along and win the bet for me! Well, a deal's a deal, so here's your song.

: The Heroine was deadly accurate with a crossbow and quite nimble in battle. The equal of most any man in combat. Equal to about ten men of the Bard's type.

As the Bard re-entered Houton, a familiar face accosted him.

Go to Kirkwall

WHAT IF: Ketill dies? (Mysterious Old Man)

Mysterious Old Man: Well now, fancy running into ye again.
: Yeah, yeah, yeah... oh yeah... I'm sure its all a big coincidence.
Mysterious Old Man: I see ye've picked up some more magic along the way. If it's even more power ye'd like, then ye ought to pay a visit to my brother Bodb in Kirkwall.
: Your Brother eh? He anything like you?
Mysterious Old Man: Oh no, he's not really my brother you see, but a member of my order.
: Of course he is.
Mysterious Old Man: Now lad, ye've only benefited from the knowledge I've given ye in the past.
: That's what worries me.
Mysterious Old Man: Seek out Bodb in Kirkwall. I'll speak no more of it. Good luck to ya Laddie.

: So naturally, the Bard immediately headed for the pub.
: Hey! It's been a very long day.

He passed a villager that made an unusual comment.

The Bard celebrated the art of getting smashed as quickly as possible, "I have vanquished the Kunal Trow from the woods!" and the patrons cheered. Of course, they were all so drunk that they would have cheered if he'd slipped on the floor and skewered himself on his own sword.

Sadly, that was not to be. The Bard summoned his thunder spider and spent some time in the pub chatting with the locals, who were more interested in talking about the defeat of the fire-breathing rat and the Bard's lightning spider.

"You killed it? You killed it? The Fire Breathing Rat in the Cellar was the best practical Joke we had! Now what are we supposed to do to entertain ourselves?
"Yeah, yeah, yeah,,, so you killed a rat... what do you want, a medal?
"Very impressive young man. I wish I had the guts to stand up to the wife the way you stood up to that rat... but of course, she's a lot more vicious.
"Hey! Can't you read! No pets allowed."
"Take that creature outside! One little spark and you'll blow this pub to the moon!"

Over the course of the evening, the Bard mentioned that he was going to go to Kirkwall in the morning, and the patrons cheered.

"Ye're leavin' town are ye, Bard? Well, ye may want to stop by the Caddell place, it's the first broch on the left as ye leave the pub."

The Bard stumbled out and wandered the streets of Houton for a while, bumping into various citizens before passing out in the gutter. The morning came and the first rays of light cracked the Bard over the head with a hammer.

He got up, blinked in confusion and was stopped shortly by a white-haired villager.

Patient Villager

Patient Villager: Sorry! ... Oh hold on a bit... Sorry? You've been bumping into folks all over the village! Enough is enough! I think you own ME an apology!

Vote: (EDIT) On whether to Apologize Now, Apologize Later, or Never Apolgize to the Patient Villager. I'll update in two hours. If there are no votes, I'll decide for you.

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Bannafeet's Gratitude

WHAT IF: Ketill dies? (Bannafeet)

Go to Kirkwall

WHAT IF: Ketill dies? (Mysterious Old Man)

Patient Villager