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The Cat Lady

by DreamShipWrecked

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Original Thread: We Care About You, Susan. Let's Play The Cat Lady



Heavy stuff in this thread. Read the OP

The Cat Lady is an adventure game developed by Remigiusz Michalski surrounding the life of Susan Ashworth. But that's not even the half of it.

To start, let's get one thing straight: this is a dark game. It deals with death, suicide, crippling depression, disease, insanity, and other mental disorders of all kinds in a way that is tasteful but brutal. Let me repeat that, this game is very, very dark. It will make you uncomfortable. It will make you want to skip parts of it. It will bring you down. There is no shame in taking a break from it. It is a highly emotional game that deals with highly emotional topics. Being upset by it is natural, it means that you're human. And more to the point, it means that it is working.

Therefore, I am putting a trigger warning on this thread. This isn't some kind of Tumblrette bullshit, I am serious. If you have issues regarding suicide or depression, then I recommend that you either stay away or take it slow. This can be a very cathartic game. But it can also dredge up some nasty feelings that you might not want to deal with, believe me. So take this warning to heart.

Of course, things get a bit more silly as we go along. It turns out that there isn't quite as much reverence to be had when doing it in this format.

This will be a subtitled VLP, and sometimes a quiet one at that. This is a game that runs on atmosphere, so my chattering overtop of it is not always helpful. We will be showing off all the endings, which includes except for the secret non-canon ending you get for doing everything -just- right. So we will shoot for that ending and have side diversions for the alternate choices you can make. There aren't really any truly wrong choices, only different.

The movement and everything might seem a bit shaky, that is because the engine that the game runs on is pretty simplistic in the motions that it allows. The best parts of the game comes from the tone, writing, music, and art surrounding the work. And man, what a work it is.


Episode 1: A Field of BarleyYouTube
Episode 2: Tell Us About Yourself, LizYouTube
Episode 3: Tell Us About Your FamilyYouTube
Episode 4: SheilaYouTube
Episode 5: What's up, Doc?YouTube
Episode 6: Cats and CoffeeYouTube
Episode 7: Miss MitziYouTube
Episode 8: Miss Mitzi's Misfortunate MotivationsYouTube
Episode 9: Lab Safety FailureYouTube
Episode 10: How Did She Make It To 40? :NWS:YouTube
Episode 11: The Terrorists Did ItYouTube
Episode 12: Stairs!YouTube
Episode 13: Legend Of The Cat LadyYouTube
Episode 14: ChoiceYouTube

Links for anyone that wants to support the indie dev that made the game! (direct)


Susan Ashworth

The main protagonist of the story, Susan lives alone apart from the stray cats that she takes care of. And she’s okay with that, because she doesn’t enjoy the company of others much. Clinically depressed, she commits suicide at the start of the story and wakes up in a field of barley in a surreal afterlife. Afterwards, she gets a strange request from an old woman. Is given the task of killing five "parasites" in exchange for her life back. To facilitate this she is also given immortality... for a price.

Old Woman/Queen Of Maggots

And old woman that Susan finds in the Afterlife. Some form of Old God that controls part of the Afterlife. Is able to bring Susan back from the dead and give her actual immortality, so her powers are real. Trades a life for a life to accomplish this. Speaks in a German accent.

Mitzi Hunt

Upbeat, dark-color sporting girl that comes to stay with Susan. Broke into Susan's apartment to save her life at the start. Has cancer, wants to do one thing before she dies: find a certain person in Susan's building. The best character.
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