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Part 8: Bonus Content: Part 2

The locker issue is just the top of the iceberg when it comes to 7 Days' disregard for physics, but I'll point all of that out when we get there. I'm still trying to avoid turning this into a spoiler-heavy thread about the series as a whole, so I'm going to halfheartedly try to redirect discussion back to the game we're currently on.

Bonus Content: Part 2

The primary antagonist in 5 Days a Stranger is The Welder. While his exact nature will be sledgehammered into our brains at the next update (due later this evening), what is known of him by this point is that his murderous tendencies and stylish fashion sense are contagious, traveling between several members of the cast.

In the finished version, Trilby stops one of the Welder's incarnations by pulling on a rug and giving him a minor bruise or concussion or something. However, early "concept art" suggests something different.

Originally, Trilby was doomed to lose his legs, having to use his incredible upper-body strength to hold up his torso with an umbrella. Undeterred by this physical handicap and eternally thankful for the emergency exit present in the DeFoe Bathroom, he would have skillfully evaded our villain by hanging up his hat on a piece of rebar that had gone uncorrected for 200 years.

Regrettably, this was changed when Yahtzee decided he didn't want to have to render Trilby without a hat.