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Part 9: Bonus Content: Part Final

Bonus Content: Part Final

This is the third and last piece of concept art, and it's not particularly noteworthy. At one point either a lump of bones or Jim were to have developed extreme leprosy, and Yahtzee reuses paper by very obviously drawing on the back of other pieces of concept art. Good for him.

I was going to have the final update for 5 Days be that picture, a plot summary, and the announcement of a contest that could net somebody a forums upgrade, but I think I'm going to ignore that for now. I'm realizing that the plot summary would be fairly pointless since it would just involve restating things that I already pointed out, and, while the fact that I toxxed myself over entertaining other people for free shows you how much I hate having money, I don't think overloading this thread with gimmicks would be a good plan. Maybe later.

As a result, expect the first 7 Days update later this evening, during which I'm sure we'll all move onto discussing Notes.