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Part 39: Epilogue, Part 2: Credits

Epilogue, Part 2: Credits

Yahtzee made a pretty nice credits sequence that actually contains non-horrible artwork, but it's an extremely abrupt transition after the dark (somewhat) ending. As such, I'm showing it off here instead of two updates ago.

Pictured: The reason this game was substantially less fun than Notes.

You're welcome, Yahtzee. Sorry for the last 51 pages of not returning the favor.

And the series ends with a nice set of images very poorly and awkwardly arranged; perhaps a metaphor for the series as a whole. It's been fun.

With that, however, we move onto some less wonderful art, and the contest as a whole.

Final Contest Results

In first place, and going on my refrigerator, is Namtab's 3-point attempt to fill in the gaps in the story, such as how Trilby sent the box into space and his brief adventures as a cowboy.

Namtab posted:

Trilby sends the coffin into space.
1.) Drawn in MS Paint with my left hand (I'm right handed)
2.) Drawn using only the brush (other than the blue sky background which was added at the end)

In second place, turning me off of interpersonal contact more than doing LPs ever could, is emoticon's 2-point... thing.

emoticon posted:

Theo's rape scene or whatever, drawn from memory using a mouse with my non-dominant hand.

Finally, third place goes to Gabriel Pope, who may one day grow up to be Quentin Blake but for now must settle for one point.

Gabriel Pope posted:

I tried drawing Trilby's infiltration of DeFoe Manor using my laptop touchpad left-handed. Unfortunately I seem to have inadvertently surpassed the game's own rendering of the ravine surrounding the manor!

This means that the final results are as follows:

Doomfunk - 11 points
Beltom - 7 points
Emoticon - 6 points
MissEchelon - 4 points
Dr. Demon - 3 points
21st Century - 3 points
Killer Emcee - 3 points
Instant Grat - 3 points
Mutant Headcrab - 3 points
Yahtzee - 3 points
Namtab - 3 points
Seventhrib - 2 points
Unsupervised Horse - 2 points
Orthogonalus - 2 points
Ghost Car - 2 points
Conskill - 2 points
BlackFrost - 2 points
Broad Squad GO - 1 point
M.c.P - 1 point
Scale Model Giant - 1 point
Cyster - 1 point
The_White_Crane - 1 point
Kennyman666 - 1 point
Snarfoogle - 1 point
Gabriel Pope - 1 point

Tune in next time for what could be considered the final challenge (though no points will be awarded), instructions for the winners, and a look at what is to come. The next update will conclude my contributions to the LP, though other people are free to take over the thread if they want to post videos or screenshots of their own. It should be up before this evening.