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Part 46: Challenge 6 Results

Contest Results

Not too many entries, unfortunately. Thankfully, Beltom made up for the low quantity by basically narrating an audiobook. It's foreboding, contains incredibly natural delivery, and is worthy of 3 points.

In second place is my favorite person in the whole wide world, Doomfunk, who I'll imagine read this while sitting in a rocking chair by the fire and contemplating his 2 point reward.

Finally, in third place is The_White_Crane, who doesn't receive a witty write-up and only obtains 1 point due to my heartless and unloving nature.

Challenge 7:

I posted:

I get the fact that the Prince basically operates on the Fargo strategy of "kill everyone who sees me kill someone who knew someone I killed once", but it seems impossible to do anything in late July without tripping over some ancient curse or source of black magic.

A number of things happened on July 28. By Friday evening, connect some July 28th event to the occult, through writing, drawing, interpretive dance, or any other method.