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Part 48: Challenge 8 Results

Contest Results

Doomfunk continues to be Doomfunk. 3 Points.

doomfunk posted:

so much backtracking in this one

so i took a moment to bust these out i hope that's okay

Ghost Car continues to be a car made of ghosts, demonstrating the family's age-old dream to explore the galaxy in a manner associated with the Rude Boy subculture. 2 Points.

Ghost Car posted:

My artistic talents are nonexistent and my Latin is worse, but nevertheless, I present you the personal seal of the distinguished Somerset family:

Snarfoogle continues to have a name and gets 1 point.

snarfoogle posted:

I don't know why the Order bothered with the Optimology front. It seems to me they could have had a lot more followers with a refreshingly honest approach.

father no... it's the best brain i could draw

Come on Beltom, you can catch up.

Challenge 9: The All-SA Summarize Chzo Competetion
Using Tindeck or something similar, record yourself summarizing the plot of the entire series so far (Meaning the beginning of 5 Days through what we've covered of 6 Days) in 45 seconds or less. Points will be awarded mostly based on humor and partly based on accuracy. You can use any editing technique necessary to get it that short, and feel free to mix speculation and thread canon in with what actually happened.