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Part 49: Challenge 9 Results

Contest Results

First place goes to our new challenger, Mutant Headcrab. He gets 3 points and an opportunity to do sports commentary.

In second place, Conskill demonstrates the typical reaction to 6 Days incredibly well and receives 2 points.

Finally, in third place, marginally closing the gap between himself and Doomfunk, is Beltom, getting 1 point.

This was pretty difficult to judge, but it was probably my favorite challenge so far. Wonderful job.

Challenge 10: Stealing challenges from the Sonic LP
The ending of Day 3 is pretty creepy and terrible, involving a shoehorned sex scene with some rather unpleasant implications and a creepy deer-in-the-headlights face. Still, no matter how bad a creation is, fan creations are inevitably worse.

By some point in time, find the worst (at least semi work safe) thing created by a fan of the series; this can be a horribly unfunny Youtube video, appalling fanart, etc. However, it must have been created before I posted this thread, forcing you to actually go out and look for things rather than just drawing horrible images. Yahtzee, I'm sorry if this challenge will make you hate the internet; I probably would too if I were in your shoes. I feel I should again remind you that you've been a great sport through all this.


Incidentally, I'm leaving it up to the thread as a whole to decide which, if any, of the mini-contest entries were indeed worse than what actually happened. Points will be awarded alongside the challenge above.