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Part 50: Challenge 10 Results

Contest Results (Finally)

God, this was difficult. I'm pretty set on these as the top three, but the rankings are incredibly close.

In first place is emoticon, who found about 50 horrible pieces of art, but specifically wins for this one. The other two winners are definitely bad, but second and third place made me want to laugh at the creators. This one makes me want to beat my face against a wall to induce brain hemorrhaging, and captures the worst aspects of about fifty fandoms, not just Chzo. The comments are the icing on an internet-hating cake. 3 points.

In second place is BlackFrost, with a 3D animation showing that PS1-era uncanny valley 3D is far from the medium's lowest point. 2 points.

Finally, in third place is Yahtzee himself, who found this short film. In a way, the creators are the truest fans of all, since they decided to make 5 Days look like a masterpiece of scripting and pacing in comparison. Yahtzee gets 1 point for the video, but also gets 1 point for having been an awesome sport as I tell him how bad his games are, and another point for having done what all of us pretend we're going to do some day and actually making them in the first place. 3 points, then.

Also, nobody voted on who, if anyone, created a scenario crazier than the actual one, so nobody wins the mini-contest. Nice job supporting democracy.

Challenge 11
A while ago, I used the term "people who edit the Chzo Wikia" as a joking way of describing people who know the series inside and out. Upon learning that it actually existed, however, I realized that the Chzo Wikia is not very good, and the people who edit it are probably poorly trained rodents who are barely given any food or willpower to continue living.

That's why we're going to improve it. Create a page on the Chzo Wikia or a section on an existing page and get to work, posting what page/section it was here in thread. Don't outright vandalize the site, I guess, but nobody will care if you're less than objective. That includes the site's creators, I'm pretty sure, given that it took four whole days to revert the big "HE JUST WANTED TO GO INTO SPACE" in the middle of the three-sentence Malcolm article, and that was the most recent edit since August.

Keep in mind, you do have to have created the page/section, not just edited it. Feel free to do a fifty-paragraph essay on something like the sheet that Owen picks up in Trilby's Notes, though; I'm declaring no such thing as notability.

edit: I love how people are essentially saying "It's not a bad literary reference; they colonized a moon and built a single university there despite no indications of that fact. That's way more reasonable." Maybe it's on Earth and they named it after the moon, but why would you name something after something named after something without considering the meaning of the original source?