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The Cursed Crusade

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: A blood opera. - Let's Play Cursed Crusade



Let's Play The Cursed Crusade

The Cursed Crusade is a historical-fantasy game about the fourth, "cursed" crusade. It's a hack 'n slash through and through, and received generally low marks for its repetition. I could care less though. It's basically an anime retelling of the fourh crusade by French people, and it's amazing. I'm not sure I can give it a better description than that.



Tomanton shows us a quick way to get a haircut.

Anime Episode Titles:

Episode 1. Brawl Under The Moonlight! Two Souls Apart!
Episode 2. Invade The Castle! Two Souls Unite!
Episode 3. A Test of Strength! Show Them What You Can Do, Heroes!
Episode 4. Sore Losers Fight Dirty! Bash Through The Fanatic Army!
Episode 5. Esteban's Faithful Steed! Quickly, To The Encampment!
Episode 6. The In-Progress Comedy Roast! Fun Times Interrupted By A Dark Form And Buried Memories!?
Episode 7. Esteban's Misbehavior! A Foul Mouth and Angry Fist Spark The Journey to A Deadly Tower!
Episode 8. An Assault of Questionable Morals! The Impenetrable City Must be Taken!
Episode 9: Escorting Our Comrades! The Road To Victory Is Through Endurance!
Episode 10: A Ballista And A Will Of Iron! Go, Our Heroes! Conquer The Bridge!
Episode 11: An Indestructible Foe!? Showdown At The Five Wells of Zara!
Episode 12: An Uneasy Alliance! Sacrifices Made For One's Family!
Episode 13: The Climactic Battle With A Twisted Emperor! What Is The World's True Heart!?
Episode 14: A Terrible Re-Acquaintance! How Long Can Death Be Evaded!?
Episode 15: Constantinople's Mighty Walls! We Will Overcome!
Episode 16: A Warrior From Heaven!? Fear The Wrath of God's Soldier!
Episode 17: A Strange Ailment Befalls Our Heroes! Esteban's Startling Transformation Into A Cow!
Episode 18: The Developer's Zealous Charge! Reference A Popular Film And Strike True!
Episode 19: The Coward, Murzuphle! The Barbaric Curse Knows No Sympathy!
Episode 20: At Last, The Confrontation With Evil! Fight On Through Hell!
Episode 21: Another Trip To Hell! Can Death Be Beaten Thrice!?
Episode 22: Esteban's Lucky Star! Can Our Heroes Escape The Devil!?
Episode 23: A Violent Storm! Our Heroes Help Turn The Tide!
Episode 24: Protect the Golden Angel! Rush To Victory!
Episode 25: A Portal Between Worlds!? Hell Draws Near!
Episode 26: Farewell, Our Brave Warriors! A Life Without Regret!
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