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The Dark Half

by big duck equals goose

Part 4: Night 2, Day 3

Eulisker posted:

This LP is awesome.

I am assuming you are recording this game via dosbox. Have you tried playing with the cycles to see if you can loose the stutter?

Yeah, I have been toying with it and not getting much luck. For some reason, no matter how much I play with it, it seems to hate fraps with a passion. No other Dosbox game has been this problematic.

Chewbot posted:

What's with horror writers writing a story about a fictional famous horror writer stuck in his own horror writings? I groaned when Alan Wake did it and I didn't realize King had done it too.

It's not really that cut and dry. I haven't read The Dark Half in Ages, but I think it's aliens or a gigantic space turtle or something who is the evil force. I dunno, guess we will find out soon though!

Oh my, an update!

First, let's call Reggie. If you never read the books or the movie, you might say "Who the hell is Reggie?" Well, it's not important so don't worry about it.

I have no idea why Thad is in such sorrow over getting her machine. Anyways, for no reason, the game suspects you will want to have Thad write. Now, there is no way of knowing you need to do this without just facing a instant death later and your old writing spot at the cafe doesn't work. What do you do? Why, you enter the hidden study for no reason, light up a cig, and get cracking.

Man, Thad. Your hand writing is awful!

Anyways, nothing can be done so you just have to hit the sack. During which you get to see the same black and white form of the intro again except with one different scene. The horror... of a wedding photo covered in blood!

Ok, so it looks a tiny bit goofy. Whatever. It's some kind of horror, I suppose. Anyways the phone rings so we better pick it up. Doing so you get this -

Once again, you would have to read the book or watch the movie. It's a shame that random person X is being killed. Oh well, let's go back to bed.

Oh wait. See that note on the mirror? Looking at it shows that Liz has nine bucks in her coat and wants us to get milk with it.

Truly this game is a masterpiece of horror. Imagine the nightmarish landscape of a Safeway! *gasp*

Oh, I guess we should help out our friend who is being killed or something because a new location to travel to just opened up.

Smooth lines in my game? I don't think so.

You see that piece of paper to the left? It's once again blank. Picking it up and moving on.

Man, that sucks... hey wait, this condo is huge! Could throw a bitching rad party here, Thad. Now comes a horrible puzzle in this game. See that vase on the left? You can't do shit with it. Looking at it Thad will remark it's from Mexico and nothing else about it. Unforgettably, it holds an item we need so what did the game developers think would be great?

Why, using that stolen mug from the bar to use the fish tank water to float a dog whistle that was lodged in there! Oh sure, you might think it's logical to pick up the vase and what not, but Thad can't because it's too heavy or something. What a pussy. So instead it takes forever to fill the damn thing with repeat cups of fish water. You have no way of knowing you need anything in this apartment, that there is a whistle in that vase, or that you can even interact with the vase. Great game design!

On the floor next to the sofa is a tissue. Opening it up in our inventory shows an eyeball! Well, says it's an eyeball. Whatever.

Anyways, let's leave the apartment and something happens...

George does nothing here. Now, you might think he would do something horrible and scary like kill you or whatever. Nah, he just kinda blocks the door way and does nothing. If you talk to him, all he does is laugh. The solution to fix this? You pick up that fire place poker on the left and use it on him. Thad has a single frame of animation raising it up and George just kinda vanishes out of the door.

Now that we have seen the killer. You might think we have some exciting adventure and action wh- Oh, wait. Sorry, this game sucks. Let's head out to town with nothing bothering us and get back those photos we wanted developed. The dude at the counter wants nine bucks, but I ain't having that shit. Liz needs milk. Trading him our book for it.

He gives us the photos free because he really loves that book. Guy gets a pretty good deal I suppose, in the future King book, Bag of Bones, Thad kills him self because everyone hates him and his wife got sick of all the nonstop police action. Should really jack up the value on that piece of crap, anyway.

Let's stop by the hardware store randomly.

Ahw, how cute. The game doesn't want you to read the note. It says "I'M NOT GONNA HAVE TO WRITE THE BOOK WITHOUT YOU AM I THAD?" signed with a cute skull from the Goonies movie. How darling.

We have to go home and the cops are waiting for us. Watch this video for the best cops you have ever seen in any form of media.

I don't even know what to say.