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by big duck equals goose

Part 5: Day 4

Sorry for the delay guys. Also, this update is going to be youtube heavy.

Anyways, let's do some writing.

If I was Thad, I would make a sweet abortion retort right now, but whatever. Thad isn't up for a good burn and running around doing pointless errands while trying to act guilty tired him out. Time to hit the sack.

What comes next is uh... well, it's something.

Well, now we come across the worst puzzle in the game. See, the cops are outside and are pretty sure we are killing people nonstop. Oh well, let's fix this by using LOGIC!

No comment on above.

Hey, New York. Alright! Coming inside we find this horrible scene. Also the phone is ringing so obviously it's George and he is going to be like "Ha ha! I killed X person because I am so angry! Ha ha!" Now, you might be wondering "Hey, shouldn't this guy be asking Thad to help him write more books or something so he can stay alive and not melt or something? I think that was in the book." Shut up. The PC game don't play like that.

You notice that sticky note next to the dead cops feet? Let's check that out.

Well, if it wasn't broken, it would say something about sparrows. Sparrows are important because... well, actually, I don't think the game tells you why.

Anyways, let's go see our doctor.

What a gigantic beautiful rainbow behind the hospital.

The correct answer is first, he doesn't give any info on the other two.

Thad was too young as to learn he ate his other brother or something gross.
Anyways, now that he is gone I guess we can steal stuff from the drawer near us.

That first aid kit and scalpel are coming with us. While Thad helps him self to random medical equipment, this happens.

Oh no, how can we stop George? Next update will be the final one with the ending.

That clipped text in the final video has Thad saying "Oh no! That is George driving off in the Toronado. I better warn my wife!"